Engine re-work

Hi, earlier I flew the a321 from YSSY-YSCB at 21,000ft and it was quite a pleasant flight!
Anyway… back on topic 😅
I noticed that the aircarft was so smooth and round and there were no sharp edges but, on the ‘round’ engines, the edges were very blocky and straight. Does that make sense? 💁🏻‍♂️
I have aircraft quality on VeryHigh but the engines are always the same!
Does anyone else have this issue?
Thanks in advance for any feedback! 😃


This belongs under #support, not #developer :)

The engines we have are rendered in 2D. The devs would need to rework them so they are rendered in 3D.

The #developer category is only for developers.
If you have an issue, you should put the topic into #support and if the topic doesn’t fit any topic, put it in the #general topic.

YSSY-YSCB. The K prefix are American airports

Shouldn’t this be in #features sorry lost my regular status