Engine Procedures When Pushing Back

When I push back from the gate, I start my first engine and then once that is fully started I start my second engine. Is this the right procedure? If not please let me know the correct way, thank you!

I’m pretty sure it is

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No, the correct would be number 2 first, then, after stopped on the taxiway that you’re going to taxi, you go for number 1, at least I do that

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Usually I start with the engine 2 because it’s on the opposite side from the captain. That means that it will be harder to hear if engine one was already started.

So I go engine two then one on 2 engine planes and on 4 engine planes I go engine 3 then 4 then 2 then 1


On an Airbus twinjet you first start engine 1. When stabilized, start the other one.
With a Boeing twinjet the procedure is vice-versa.

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Funny, as you wrote your question I was studying this one:

It seems that there are different procedures for different aircrafts.
But normally I do 2, then 1.

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Fun fact, on the 757, the procedures from the manuals state to start Engine 1 then 2. 👀


Thank you so much everyone! This is very helpful!

Is that for all Boeing aircraft and then its number 2 to start first for Airbus Aircraft

All Boeing is 2 and then 1 I think

Didn’t know about that Airbuses start number 1 first, going to correct that later

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Nope. Not all Boeings. It depends on the aircraft and how the systems are arranged. Engine start sequence is dependent on what systems are needed for taxi and normal operations on the ground. The second engine to start is to get it in the air.


Depends on the type, this is for me specifically

Airbus - 1 then 2

Boeing - 2 then 1

F22 - 1, 2 when lining up on runway

Q400 - 1 engine taxi - 2 (2 mins from takeoff)


Ohh! I see! Thanks

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