Engine power bug at LFPG

Not sure if this is a known issue. It’s like the airport is situated at 20000ft altitude, the engine has so little power.

Hey could you please elaborate more on your problem here?

Do you mean as the aircraft is taking a while to speed up?

I can’t really. During taxi and take off it’s like it has about 40% of its power. It’s happened with the CRJ and A320 in my experience.

Could you provide us a replay of the flight so we can take a look for you?

How do I share the link to the replay on here?

See “How to Export your Replay”

Then, head to the website above and upload the replay.

Me too ! With a A380

I’ve done that, but how do I then put the replay on this thread?

After you upload the replay to the website, you will get a link. Paste the link here.


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Not sure if that works

the replay shows you only had one engine running.

DOH ! My bad. This happened to me before at this airport, I must have made the same mistake. What a strange coincidence!

I was just about to ask you that haha. If you notice a lack of power when flying an aircraft minus the B757 it’s usually down to the engines so always check them :)

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I would never fly such a thing. That plane is down on a lot of things, not just power!

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