Engine Oil Dipstick

Hi guys, I know this is supposed to be an IF forum, but hey, RWA exists for a reason…
Any pilots out there - do you know of a nice way to read the oil dipstick (C152) - do you guys carry around tissues to wipe it off - for me, it seems to always be covered in a thin layer of oil the whole time.
Again sorry for the irrelevance, but I figured this is a relatively fast way to get an answer! Happy new year.

RWA is for RWA so this topic isn’t irrelevant at all.


Google is your friend for a reason :)

Like this?

Sorry, not often I get to use this video.


Yes, but I didn’t have much success with the internet on this.


I’m aware of how to use a dipstick and what to do with it, I am merely asking pilots here how they read them reliably. Thanks for the help though.

A graduation is usually 5L if you’re using the official dipstick. But if I were you, I would check in the manual of your aircraft, it should be in there.

To prevent any mistakes, ask your instructor.