Engine not starting

like i been pressing the start button for the engines but it not start for some reason but it a bug and fix it

Is the APU on?

yea ofc it is

Master battery on.

APU on.

APU doesn’t have to be on. Is the Master Battery on? Any screenshots/videos to replicate the issue?

yea all things are on

Do you have fuel 😂

yes ofc i do

We really can’t fix your problem without any of these.

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How many kgs / lbs of fuel?

i have alot of fuel

and it doesn’t let me do videos

There’s a lot of “ofc” and “yes i have” but there’s no way for us to even look at the issue or even reproduce it based on the information available.

No one will be able to help you with anything unless you share some more information, details etc. This is especially important since this issue have never been noted before.

Help us, help you :)


Upload to YouTube or Google Drive.

i cant bc i started a new flight

If you started a new flight, then you would’ve been able to start your engines…so not a problem any more?

will i did it like 3 times and it still doesn’t work