Engine glitch on A321

Hi everyone! Today, I want to focus on a glitch that not many pilots noticed: The A321 engines.

The A321-200, as in the simulator, has two subvariants. The A321-211 and A321-231.
The difference: The 211 has GE CFM56 engines, while the 231 has IAE V2500-A5 ones.
You can actually spot the difference easily: The GE engine is shorter, has a larger fan diameter and separate exhausts. The IAE is oblong in shape, smaller fan diameter and has mixed exhausts.
Strangely, the BA A321 in the preview (shown below) has GE engines.

In the flight, see what happens:

Spotted the problem? It now has IAE engines!!

Even more peculiarly, the reverse happens to the Air Canada A321.

Even though it isn’t a major problem, I think it would be great if IF could fix this in the next update. Considering the JetBlue A320 will be reworked, I am grateful if you could fix the A321 too.
Thanks a lot.

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Can you do A video?

Doesn’t need to, the pictures say plenty. 🙂


Exactly. The shape of the engines are totally different.

I don’t need to, since it’s quite obvious in the pictures…

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Wrong engine type on the preview, simple as that :)
It’s something we have noted internally and will address in the future.

Thanks for the report!