Engine Failures

Hello, I was flying with a friend in an F-22 when all of a sudden I noticed my engines had stopped completely. As you can imagine we were doing crazy stuff on the casual server and was extremely low with nearly no speed. When a I tried to restart them thinking I had hit the buttons, they would slowly start up then shut off again. Why is this?

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Have you checked your fuel in weight & balance settings?

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How much fuel did you have on board?

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Simple, you ran out of fuel.

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I still had fuel on my aircraft. I already thought of this.I dont have any picture though, sorry

Restart your device and try again, if the issue is ongoing then reinstall the app.

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The F-22 can’t carry much fuel. When was the last time you checked your fuel, also, how long after takeoff did this occur?

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Ok, I will just reinstall the game, thank you

Ok let me do a little flying with the F-22 with around the same amount of fuel to see what happens

Around 3-5 min and I had about 3/4 fuel

A10 had an issue. Maybe the F22 has it too


Ok, I have been flying for a little bit so far at full throttle and nothing has happened yet

The reinstall probably solved everything.

Still have nothing happen😂

Ok, mods can close this, who knows maybe I was doing something stupid or maybe my iPad is terrible.

Thank you and as always, Happy Landings!

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My pleasure to assist you this evening, any further questions or concerns feel free to PM Me, another Regular, or one of our Moderators.

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Thanks for the help!