Engine Failure on Initial Climb

Device: iPhone 13
Operating system: Latest

Yesterday, I was flying from Madrid to Milan, on Iberia’s CRJ-1000. I rotated at about 165 MPH (143 knots), and began a slight climb out, at a less than normal climb rate than I’d usually use. I had some crosswinds on takeoff, so was trying to be extra careful. At 200 feet AGL, engine #1 went out. I tried restarting it, but the button didn’t work.

Luckily, I was able to turn back to the airport and land on one engine, but couldn’t figure out what happened. After I touched down, I checked, and had a 75% fuel load, so that wasn’t the problem. For whatever reason, the replay didn’t save. That’s been happening lately.

Any ideas what would have happened with my engine?


Do you happen to use Infinite Passengers or related third-party apps? Perhaps you may have turned emergencies on. If not, then it’s probably a finger slip or a glitch.

No, I don’t use any third-party apps. It was a weird glitch if thats what it was.

Looks like this issue has happened before. It seems to be a rare bug.

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Thats actually kinda cool, like a rare engine failure scenario!


Thanks! That makes a lot of sense.

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Did Laura secretly add it in without telling anyone 🤣🧐🤔


To me it just seems like a fun role play! Maybe some bugs are meant to be there, 😉

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