Engine failure A320

I was taking off with normal weight and fuel and really struggled to reach Vr and really struggled on the climb out and was having to step climb after FL190.

On further investigation I discovered that my port engine ENG 2 icon was red and flashing 3% where as my starboard engine ENG 1 was green and solid and 81%

I have never seen this before. It would be fabulously exciting if the new Airbus models now had failure modes but I report it here in case it is a bug.

Hoping you can clarify the situation.

Did you check for birds in the engine?



Just wondering are you using Infinite Passengers along side Infinite Flight, as I know that they have a feature that connects to the API, to enable emergencies?


Lol. I did not. Problem solved 😆


Hello. Thank you for your response. I have no add ons installed at all. I have never even downloaded Passengers. But I see where you are coming from.

If you try to turn the engine back on… What happens?

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I shall give it a go

One click turned red 3% to orange and increasing % and now is running normally.

Mmm. I’m very curious. What did I do to make it go red?

Sounds pretty much like you forgot n°2

Or just accidentally pushed it, happens all the time with me and the TBM 😅

Are you sure that you didn’t knock it with your hand when you were switching off lights etc?

Could you have possibly miss-clicked it when turning on/off a light or something?

If I had forgot ENG 2 it would have stayed white would it not? At zero %

Ah!!! Got it!!!

If i click a green engine it goes red and goes to 3% - not white and zero percent.

I must have touched it.

Thank you for your help guys

Mods, you can close this please


Ah that’s probably what happened then. #BigFingers

Happy that everything is figured out here. Cheers ☺️


No problem, I was going to say, this has happened to me before…

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It’s the winds, they turn the blades and increase N1


Oh and just saying port side is the left side and starboard is the right

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Haha. A scary take off can addle the brain.

That will be my excuse 👍

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Closure requested by OP.