Engine Condensation/ Mist

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Engine Condensation/Mist

Engine Condensation, if not is one of the most gorgeous things to see on a plane, whether its on Takeoff or Landing.

How does this exactly happen?

This youtube Comment Explains it more in depth.

It’s called Bernoulli’s principle. the velocity of the air entering the engine is increased. if you increase velocity, you decrease pressure. when you decrease pressure you also decrease temperature. the temperature of the air is lowered to the dew point, ergo visible moisture. as stated it is more pronounced on humid days when the temperature dew point spread is very close (only a few degrees).

Why Do I want This?

It looks absolutely beautiful and would definitely make good screenshots when the weather is foggy in some places.

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For the feature itself, I’d love to have this. Unfortunately, with no weather animations currently present in the Sim, I don’t see this being added anytime soon. I’ve bookmarked this, though!


Well, Project Metal is coming very soon, so who knows?

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