Engine Clunking Sound

Just as I was jetting out of Honolulu I heard the engines made a real clunking sound when it got up to N1. This is in the outside locked camera. Only happened today when I flew the 777-300ER but haven’t tried any other plane to see wether or not it has changed the engine sound or not. (It might be just me Ahahahahahahaha)

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That would be your landing gear retracting :) or an error with your devices sound processing.

Nope, This was way after the gear.

I’m sure it was just an isolated and random incident otherwise something like this would have more notariety if it was more common. Try and replicate again otherwise I wouldn’t be alarmed since the next update is coming ;)

Ok many thanks for the response so quick

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If replicating doesn’t work, uninstall or reinstall IF or restart your device.

It isnt an isolated problem. Happens all the time to me, on every aircraft, every time I fly

It could be something to do with your Device. What devices do you have @anon2063420 @Aleks_Hancock

This didnt have to do with device as it happened on the 5s when I owned that and the S7 now. It seems to have to do with either the engine sound looping or what not. Sounds more like a grounding sound. But it really isnt a huge issue.

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IPad2 IOS 11, runs fine before

Ahh right ok, doesn’t matter then

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