Engine Auto Start?

We need to bring back starting each engine independently, not instant on. I have never seen any engine start instantly, in real life. This change took some of the realism out of IF. Please, bring it back. The sound was great, if you ask me. The lights (seat belt, landing, etc…) are gone too. Why were all these features taken away? Please update this and bring it back ASAP.

Hold down the selection and you will see all of these options


ooohhhh, force touch…how pretty. Thank You for letting me know.

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Hey Dan!
Have a watch of this video, we explain how to use our new UI. Let us know if you have any questions.


yea, I clearly gotta watch more of the videos before I bother you all. My apologies…just got excited about the release :)


Which engine?

No worries! It’s a new change and we can’t expect everyone to pick it up without any info :)
I’ll close this for now but feel free to open a new thread if you have questions.