Engaging with your VA/VO

Virtual Airlines (VA) or Virtual Organizations (VO) were made to increase the realism while playing the best mobile flight simulator.

A virtual organization (VO) is a dedicated hobby organization that uses the Infinite Flight Simulator to model the real-world operations of an airline or group. Alternatively, the group may be an original one. This can include “ground school” training programs, event groups, flying clubs, and ATC groups as well as training flights in order for the VA to help provide further experience as well as to extend the skills of their members

Choosing a Virtual Airlines or Virtual Organization totally depends upon the choice of the pilot. Aspirants can have a look at IFVARB website for the list off all current and upcoming VA/VO. You can also have a look at the official thread of any VA/VO at the community forum. All of them are really attractive in order to attract pilots. Choosing a single VA/VO can be really difficult sometimes as all of them are really lucrative to pilots.

  1. There is no restrictions on how many VA/VO you can be a part of at one time. The number varies depending on how active you are on Infinite Flight. It is because every VA/VO has it’s criteria (generally flying once or twice a month). If you don’t follow these criteria, you can be removed from the VA/VO. Also flying for multiple VA require a lot of dedication.

  2. Give your maximum participation in events. Generally events are scheduled so that everyone can fly (looking upon public holidays). Participating in events is a great feeling. Everybody loves flying with 15-30 pilots and clicking amazing screenshots with them :)

  3. Schedule your flights. This tip can increases you realism as well as real life discipline. Plan your flights for the week on a Sunday night. Planning and doing last minute flights are really unprofessional and sometime creates errors during your flight. Personally speaking, this helped me a lot in my time management as well as getting more flying experience.

  4. Filling up the PIREPS - If your VA/VO requires you to file PIREPS after every flight, please file the PIREPS just after the flight. Filling it late or some days after the flight is very unprofessional and sometimes irritating for the VA/VO as they can’t keep the track of the flights for long.

  5. Activity during the flight - Be active enough
    that you don’t get violated during the flight. In case you get a violation by an ATC or show any unprofessional attitude during flight, VA/VO can remove you anytime.

  6. Be active on the communication app. Slack and Discord are the majorly used communication apps by any VA/VO. You can get many important info if you are active in them.

  7. Be a Staff - After getting a good amount of experience with the VA/VO, apply for staff position (if available). This will be a good opportunity to give back the VA/VO what you have got from them.

  8. Never cheat - I have seen several pilots who cheat during the entrance test but fail when they give their practical test. This creates you first impression a bad impression in the VA/VO.

VA/VO are a really good opportunities to get an experience of IRL pilot virtually. Also, Infinite Flight being the best mobile flight simulator with a huge community and a human ATC feature, it is really an honor to be part of any VA/VO. Just be honest to them and you will get the best out of them. Loyalty and professionalism are the major criteria to get best out of any VA/VO.

Hope this helped you. Thanks for reading.

Cheers !


That’s a very nice tutorial, great job!

Also, I’d like to add that the IFVARB website has a “I’m feeling lucky” button which randomly picks a VA/VO for you. That may help in choosing a VA/VO too :)


Thanks for your kind words ! And yeah ‘I am feeling lucky’ is a really good option for new comers :)

Splendid tutorial. Well done! I think this is a great tutorial for those wishing to join VAs/VOs, and for those already in them to really help emphasize how great VAs/VOs are! I also second @TheAviationGallery’s idea for an I’m Feeling Lucky button. It would be a great way to open up doors to new opportunities unexplored places!

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another awesome info thread.

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Bookmarked this! You get as much out of a VA as you put in. They make the IF experience so much fun and you make some really great friends. Gotta say I am guilty of not participating in a VO event yet, just always at a bad time. Very detailed, well done :D

Happy Flying :)

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Really nice tutorial! Thanks for it :)

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Awesome 👍

Keep it up!


I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t agree with a lot of these for the reason that it sets arbitrary restrictions based on personal preference and limitations. Someone new wants to join a VA/VO but is already in two but doesn’t because they vaguely remember reading a topic saying that its recommended to be in a maximum of 2 VAs, for example.

Impossible and unneeded to be honest.


Well do what pilots do and keep an eye on the flight just so you can prevent violations if a problem appears, personally I watch Airforceproud95’s VATSIM stuff on YouTube while I’m cruising.

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I go for a run when I’m cruising.

@MJP_27 and @HarryH1: cute


Thanks @ToasterStroodie, @Aravind_Narayanan, @Captain_Cign, @alberto_lopez, @Deepak_Yadav

@Guxk I guess being part of how many VA/VO totally depends upon how actively you are playing IF. Nobody would like if they get kicked out of one because they have not filled a PIREP for long. I have seen many people being part of 7 or 8 VA. I wonder how do they manage to file for each of them regularly.
Also, I think giving full devotion to one VA is better than giving partial devotion to multiple VAs :)

Right but that’s your personal limitation. Better to not put a number on it and possibly confuse people but rather note that being in more VA/VOs will require more dedication, don’t you think?

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Hey @CaptainHugh,
I have clearly mentioned, no VA or VO would like if any of their pilot will get violated. Even I prefer doing overnight flights. But just keep in mind that you should not get violated :)

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Thanks mate. Will surely edit that portion :)

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Great topic but I take issue with two of the things. Planning all the flights for the week at once is just impossible. How are you supposed to know exactly when you’ll be able to fly many days in advance? Then you it feels wrong if something comes up and you can’t do a planned flight. I find it better to sit down, make a flight plan, and leave. Also how are you supposed to be active the entire flight? Not only is that pretty boring but there is so much to do in the real world.

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Hey @DiscoPanda,

Let me explain. First, I think a week is not a big time. I can easily plan whe i will be able to fly during the week. If you are not able to, no problem. You can atleast plan what routes you will fly during the week. It’s just sone time saving. Planing on the spot is no issues.

Secondly, I have clearly mentioned, no VA or VO would like if any of their pilot will get violated. Even I prefer doing overnight flights. But just keep in mind that you should not get violated :)

Hope you understand. Thanks for sharing your feedback.