EnerJet to join Canadian ULCC Market

EnerJet to Join Canadian Ultra-Low Cost Carrier Market

By Vincent Gold with files from The Star

An entrepreneur, who helped start numerous low cot carriers around the world is looking to expand in the Canadian market, with his new no frills carrier, EnerJet.

Who is behind this?

Backed by Bill Franke, entrepreneur, and Tim Morgan, WestJet co-founder, they believe they can swoop (no pun intended I really shouldn’t diss my homeboys) in to the Canadian ULCC market and co Pete with the leaders, Swoop Airlines, and Flair Airlines, who have already started expanding into the United States and are looking to go even further.

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What has he done?

Bill Franke has helped start low cost airlines like Spirit, Frontier, Tigerair, Volatis, and Wizz Air. He is also behind Phoenix based Indigo Partners LCC (not to be confused with low cost carrier), which owns Frontier.

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Their Fleet

Their fleet currently consists of Boeing 737-700s, as they used to shuttle workers from cities to the oil patches in Alberta, Canada. However, because of Indigo owning Frontier, and the 737-700s aging, and Indigo already having an order worth nearly $50bn Canadian of A320s, they plan to operate the A320 family.

What they plan to do

They are in the process of creating a route system that has operation within Canada and to the United States as well.
“We will look at all airports and where the demand and the passenger traffic takes us, that’s where we will go,” said Morgan. Statistics show that more than 60 per cent of Canada’s 37 million live closer than 100 miles from the U.S. border, and many of them drive across the border to fly, due to the cheaper flights there. The reason why Canadian travel is so expensive is due to high airport and security fees.

WestJet is Ready

WestJet spokeswoman Morgan Bell said in an email that “WestJet anticipated the arrival of further competition in the ULCC segment and is well-prepared for any competitors that may enter the market.”

The Article

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