Endless possibilities for this community

Events are about to take shape once we’ve ravaged the packaging off this bad boy had time to settle into our new seats. All off our favorite approaches, airports, taxiway systems, terrain, and views now have multiplied to a unimaginable degree. Challenges (all of them including landing on Everest), title records for the craziest feats, an Olympics that has more possibilities and now more subscribers from all over this planet than ever before, and now it’s here for us to create an participate in. We, the kids, the teens, the pros, the newbies and that one old man now have a rediculous gift to go out and have fun in. Enjoy All.


Yeah it will be great but does it really require a new topic?


C’mon @CyLyric… treat @anon66442947 with more respect than that.


I forgot we have 2 oldie but goodies:)

you left @GHamsz off the list

I thought he was talkin’ bout our friend @Maxmustang

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