Ending Flight Log

I just tried IF OPS and everything was going fine until I parked up, I didn’t know how to end the flight log. How do I end it?

By ending the flight or turning the Seat belt and No Smoking signs off. :)

@PlaneGeek I did that and nothing happened :)

Did you begin the flight log before you departed?

@PlaneGeek, yeah I got the notification

Sometimes this happens to me, IF-A and IF-O time out in the backround, and I only notice when I dont get any callouts or anything during my decent. If its still running, simply turning off the no smoking sign on the ground should end your log, and you will be able to see it in the IF-O app.

Looks like it stopped working mid flight. Could you try departing and flying for a few minutes and end the log?

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I’m trying another flight to see if it works

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