Ending a T&G session

Is a landing announcement to tower necessary on final when a pilot knows he/she is ending their touch and go session? I know sometimes I catch tower off guard when landing after 10+ T&G’s, which doesn’t translate to much other than a late exit runway command, but I’d still like to offer a heads up.

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“Cleared for the Option” Clears you for everything including full stop, even though it shouldn’t be used if you know they are. It is up to you if you want to. If you see inbound traffic behind you, it might be a good idea so they know, but it’s not mandatory. Some controllers like it, some don’t. It’s your choose. Base it off the situation if you’re hesitant to do so :)

Thank you friend.

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If you want to end, just send a : plane xx is on final, full stop…so the tower knows you want to land…but like @Zachary_Meir_Tish said it isn’t necessary, cause you were cleared for the option…i use it when there is traffic on follow…but its up to you…


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