[ENDEX] The Sport of Kings @ LCRA 171915ZAPR20

Mission 3 - EAST MED


  • Aircraft and Livery:F14/F16/F22/KC-10/C-130


  • Time of Departure:

  • Server:Expert

  • Additional Information:

Supporting FNF at Athens Airport

NOTAM: “Tanker Trash” Air to Air Refuelling Practice*
The Sport of Kings is one way that fighter jocks describe the skills involved in Air to Air refuelling, there are other descriptions involving spaghetti, cats and doughnut’s, however I will not mention those here!

Fancy something different? Fancy practice Close quarters flying in your fighter or something a bit heavier like the C130 or even Airforce 1?

If you want to practice your skills as a fighter jock, come and practice being refuelled from me, I will be on station FOR APROX 60 MINS flying a right-hand racetrack.

HEIGHT & SPEED: FL260 & 265Kts


1 If waiting to refuel then wait in lose echelon to Port (Left) at about 500ft higher and astern the next aircraft in line. As each aircraft clears to join the Tanker then move down a place in the queue until you are No1.
2 No1 aircraft to join when Tanker is free and previous receiver has broken away clear to the right.
3. Do not join on a turn.
4. Refuelling Operation: be directly astern of Tanker When stable; 200’ Astern 200’ below refueler for aprox 3 minutes.
5. Once refuelled break off by slowing down to 160kts, drop by 500ft and then break away to Starboard (Right), feel free to re-join the queue on the Port Side for a second attempt if time!

Happy Landings
Thanks to @Maxmustang for the original version of this event which I enjoyed flying in many years ago : [Closed] Tanker Mission (complete, SITREP to follow) @ KNUQ - 102230ZSEP15.


David… ##it Hot! I know a few more colloquialisms for this “act”!
(big word beginning with a C on-lookers? Google is your friend, LOL)

Who Lov’s ya Baby, Talley Ho, Max

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This is a family forum so kept it fairly clean. Orher descriptions for the wardroom when back on the deck

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