[ended]Where do you want to fly? @ KLAX - 260600ZNOV17

No, never heard of you, woody the house elf.


Oh my #ShotsFired!!!

Only 4 gates remain!

We still have gates!

Due to the amount of people voting for this event and not attending the route will be KLAX-EGLL
@Kevin_Potthast and @Awoodbay

@Daniel14 Is it possible for me to get a gate at this event?

Yes and are you aware the destination is EGLL?

Yes. That is fine. I’ll do a 777-300ER. Any special callsigns or anything?

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No not at all just Obey ATC instructions (if ATC)

Ok. Sounds good. See you at KLAX.

See ya tomorrow at KLAX! I am setting a PM up with all attendees that way we can communicate with eachother

Oh no! I just realized this is expert. I’m sorry.

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I’m only rank 2. So sorry.

It is totally fine maybe next time.

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How long is KLAX-EGLL?

11 hours approximately

Flll… I’ll try to join you for the beginning, but since it starts at 12 am my time, it’ll be tough

It is fine if you can’t dont worry :)

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I’d love it you’d get me a gate! :) I personally want to go to ESSA. Never been there before.

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Uh, hate to break it to ya Joseph but it ended a few days ago…

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