(Ended) TravelSky | December Island Hopping @ TNCM - 172000ZDEC16

Server: Expert Server

Region: Caribbean Region

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Flight plan may differ due to weather changes

Hey ho everyone!
I am back from a grueling week of writing exams, and while the days get colder, and everyone is getting ready for Christmas, we at TravelSky have decided to put on yet another fun little event! For this event, we are heading to the warm and sunny Caribbean islands for some much needed warmth. We will be departing out of TNCM, and will be doing one big group flight down to TFFR. The cruising altitude for this event is at each pilot’s own discretion!

The aircraft used for this event will be any from our current fleet.
(If you are not familiar with our fleet, click here)

This is a rough flight plan (Final flight plan will be made at the beginning of the event)

TravelSky Flight number: TSK120

Every paricipant of the event should use their own personal callsign!

If you are able to attend, please leave a quick message down below.
Hope to see a lot of you there :)

TravelSky Event Organizer/Planner


Can’t wait!

Can’t come guys… sorry

why can’t you come?

He and his band are singing people to sleep instead.


working for a first album instead…

@hmkane nice one 😂😂😂

I’ll make sure to come.
Guess I have to be around as a CEO 👀


#Event is today!

#Event starts in 1 hour! If you can come, please comment below.

Bold is a little overkill. No matter it’s font it will be seen when it’s bumped to the top. But best of luck to your event :)

I always make the announcements on the TSK events bold. To make sure that everyone who is going to partake in the event can see the latest updates.

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I’m coming

Great to hear :)

I’ll be there…Should we use TSK abreviation on our call sign?

Hahhah :)

No, your personal callsign will be sufficient.

Is it 3:00 pm est?

Also, what livery do we use

Generic livery. It’s a TravelSky event ;)

Oh, I didn’t know