[Ended] Thomas Cook VA Landing Competition - 061900ZJAN18

Come and Join Thomas Cook VA for an exciting landing competition at Gibraltar International Airport. The airport is famous for its 4 lane highway which crosses its runway. The runway itself is fairly short, so make sure you don’t approach to fast! We will fly from Lisbon in the Thomas Cook 767 over to Gibraltar following the flight plan below. Further details will be posted closer to date of the event. Please do not use APPR!!

Server: Training

Starting Airport: Lisbon/Lisboa (LPPT)

Finishing Airport: Gibraltar International (LXGB)

Time: 1900Z

When: 6th January 2018

Aircraft: Boeing 767 (Thomas Cook Livery)

NOTAM: Spawn in at Lisbon a few minutes early so you can copy FPL

Your landing will be judged on;
Approach (was it steady and smooth? Or did you have to descend quickly to make sure you were low enough to land)
Centre Line
The landing itself (was it smooth, too aggressive, bumpy etc)
Technique (correct use of flaps, not deploying landing gear too late etc)

Each of the above will be judged out of 10 by our team, therefore leaving you with a score out of 40

For our members the prize will be extra flight time
1st place, 2hours added flight time
2nd place, 1hour added flight time
3rd place, 30mins added flight time

If you aren’t part of the VA join here below, or just come for the fun. If you are thinking of joining, winning flight time can give you a good “boost” to bettering your rank within the VA. More flight time means you will be able to fly more of the Thomas Cook fleet.


If you are interested in attending request a gate in the comments!

T1 G701 - @KyleLemon8
T1 G702 - @PilotE.E
T1 G703 - STAFF
T1 G704 - @Ethan11
T1 G705 - @WardellStephenCurry
T1 G706 - STAFF
T1 G147 - @HGAD
T1 G146 - @AgusAeromexico
T1 G145 - @Javian_J
T1 G144 - @ItzEhs
T1 G143 - @YoutuberXL
T1 G142 - @Andrew2002
T1 G141 - @oconotcva
T1 G126 - @Samiinsan
T1 G125 - @Caber
T1 G124 -
T1 G123 -
T1 G122 -

More gates will be added if needed!

If anyone would like to operate Tower or Ground at either airports. Just let me know!

Ground: @Connor_Seymour
Tower: @Connor_Seymour

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year!!!


I am waiting for a response on my application and when I get in Thomas cook I’ll join.

I’ll look into that for you

Check your emails now!

Thank you I am accepted messaged the CEO and found out I am the New COO

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May I join for a flight.

Can I join I am in Thomas Cook now.

Yes you can join, T1 G147

Can you move the time up more I have school at 19:00 zulu

Not really as 1900z is accessible to most of the staff and members of TCVA

So what now do I not join?

Well if you can’t attend you can’t join the event

May I take gate T1 G146 please?


Yes of course. See you there!!

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Ok but can u assign me to gate T1 G146 please?

I have done!!! :)))

Thanks Ethan see u there!!!


Ok because I leave school at 3:25 PM EST so I need about 5 mins so that is 3:30 and then I am ready

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I would like a gate please

Okay. G1 145 :))))))