Ended | The Finnair Virtual Landing Competition | @EFHK | 111800ZJAN20

This week, Finnair Virtual welcomes a new segment, we’re introducing Landing Competitions! The objective is quite simple and straight forward. We’ll have a total of three judges base the quality of landings performed by the pilots competing. Whichever pilot receives the highest score out of ten, they win.

Pilots will spawn in at their assigned gate and wait for the judges to announce the beginning of the landing competition. All pilots will takeoff and form in a full 10nm pattern at the designated runway. We recommend around 3-5nm of spacing in between aircraft.

Pattern Speed: 210kts
Pattern Altitude: 1000ft AGL

Once you’ve landed, please expedite your exit of the runway to provide maximum efficiency

The scoring of the pilots’ landings will be based on many factors. Judges will be scoring pilots’ on their smoothness, centerline, and flare technique.

Results will be released one day after the competition. The winner will be rewarded five bonus flight hours and will be featured on a landing competition montage video.

Date: 2020-01-11T18:00:00Z

Aircraft: Airbus A321 (Finnair)

Server: Expert

Airport: EFHK - Helsinki Airport

When requesting a gate, please make sure to request the gate you’d like and provide your designated callsign for the flight.

Please remember to respond whether you’re a Finnair Virtual or not.

If you are a Finnair Virtual pilot, please make sure to utilize your callsign for 3x Flight Hours!

Gates Pilot Callsign Finnair PIlot?
Terminal 2 - Gate S52
Terminal 2 - Gate S53 @James_Digby N150FD
Terminal 2 - Gate S54
Terminal 2 - Gate S55
Terminal 2 - Gate 34 @Rishon_R 9V-RRM
Terminal 2 - Gate 33 @Noah_Allan FAVA306
Terminal 2 - Gate 32 @Sashaz55 N/A
Terminal 2 - Gate 31 @Pingu FZ-GOW



Judge applications are not open.

Spawn in within ten minutes before the event begins.

Please use Unicom respectifully if ATC isn’t present.

Respect the surrounding pilots, and be patient while waiting in the takeoff line.

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Hello! I would like to sign up please! I am not a Finnair pilot, so my callsign will be FZ-GOW.


I’ll take a gate! Callsign FAVA006 :)


I’ll take a gate!


All 3 of you are signed up. Thanks in advance for joining! Have a great day.


I will take a gate callsign FAVA306


Hi Ill take a gate. Callsign 9V-RRM, Not FAVA pilot


Hey there,

@Noah_Allan and @Rishon_R, you’ve both been added.

Thanks for joining!


Gate S53
Callsign: N150FD


Events in 2 hours from now! Join up while you still have the chance 😊


NewFinnairLogo And the winner is…


Congratulations to Rishon with an overall score of an 8/10!
Everyone else was very close runner-ups!

@Rishon_R, you will now be featured as #1 for the Landing Competition on our YouTube channel. We’ll make sure to give you a little nudge nudge when the video comes out.

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