{ENDED} Sydney Qantas Hop In! @ YSSY - 212100ZDEC17



Airport : YSSY – Sydney

Time : 2100Z ONWARDS!

Aircraft : Any Qantas, Jetstar, Qantas Link, Air New Zealand, or long haul visitors!

NOTAM: Come join Qantas Virtual for a ‘hop in’ to our International Hub and Global HQ

December is Christmas and it is also Summer ‘down under’ so pull on your boardie’s, dig out your thongs and prepare the barbie! Qantas Virtual has over 90 different schedule routes departing and a similar number of arrival routes, from short hops of 30mins to an hour to ultra-long haul routes of 12hours plus! Whatever you fancy there is a flight for you at Qantas, all welcome to fly one of those or fly your own route!

If there is anyone wishing to try their hand at ATC, this will be an ideal opportunity!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Landings

David L


This starting right now?? (Or have my conversions become shocking??)

Hi Josh, yes it’s on going. Am just going to o-en up ATC …not done it for a while so bear with me!

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I came around 15 minutes ago and not a soul in sight.


Would come but currently trying to fix the WiFi :( When it works I’ll get in!


Just been doing ATC for last 45mins. Had several flights in nd out.

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