[ENDED] Spice Isle Getaway @ TTPP - 192130ZAUG18

Spice Isle Getaway - 19 August 2018


Event Summary

This event consists of a short hop between the Caribbean’s Piarco and Grenada Maurice Bishop airports. The route is flown by Caribbean Airlines, and alternates between the 737-8 and ATR-72.

Event Details

Server: Training
Time & Date of Departure: August 19, 2018 9:30 PM
Estimated Time Enroute: 35 Minutes

Departure: Port of Spain Piarco International (TTPP)
Arrival: Grenada Maurice Bishop International (TGPY)
Aircraft: Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-800

Flight Information

Flight Plan

Flight plan in the event of a…

Runway 10 Departure


Runway 28 Departure


Cruise Altitude: FL170
Cruise Speed: 290 KIAS


  • Please spawn in 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to prepare for our departure.

  • Please maintain spacing with other aircraft during the flight, and demonstrate proper airmanship throughout all flight stages

  • If applicable, follow all ATC instructions. If there is no active ATC, please use Unicom properly during the event.

Gate Assignments

To request a gate, comment below!

TTPP Gates

More gates can be added if needed.

TTPP Tower/Ground: @esant_15
TGPY Approach: @esant_15

Caribbean Virtual Airlines

This event is proudly sponsored by Caribbean Virtual Airlines.

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If interested, we are accepting anyone who wants to be ATC for the departure from TTPP and the arrival into TGPY ! Just let me know.

I’d like a gate please

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Sure, Gate 1 is yours ! @Plnelovr

I’ll nab a gate, callsign Caribbean 55

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No problem, Gate 2 is yours !

@Flying_Ryan love to join this event wondering if I could have gate 3

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@Flying_Ryan Should I use my CVA callsign

Sure, whatever callsign satisfies you is accepted. @Plnelovr

Gate 3 is definitely yours.

I would like to take a gate please!

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Gate 5 is yours! I have occupied Gate 4. @AllegiantAir

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what time zone is the 430 departure because i might be able to ATC

The time you see should be your time zone automatically, for example for me it’s 2:30 pacific

If you look at where it says “Time & Date of Departure” it shows you the converted time for your timezone. The time you see is the time that the event will be happening.

oh cool, thanks! that unfortunately means i cant ATC though

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That’s okay ! We’ll find someone else who is available. Thank you !

Event in 2 days. We have 6 more gates left, all are welcome !

I’ll take the next gate. If anything happens, I’ll let you know.

Okay, gate 6 is yours !

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