[Ended] Singapore Virtual | Soaring Sundays #3! Let’s Fly to Singapore @ VHHH - 242200ZJUN18

Thanks for the kind remarks!
Hope you have fun on this journey with SVA! 😊

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May i have a gate please?

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Yes you can! See you at the event! :)

Can I take D300 or any other available gate?

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Can I have gate D212 please? Thanks!

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Gates have been assigned. See you there! ;)

Is 3 PM in Zulu time?

22:00 Zulu.
The time displayed is your local time.

Oof then I can’t make it. I can make it at 2300Z,however.

Alright. I’ve removed you from the gate assignment list. Hope to see you next time!


Gate for me please! :)

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You’ve been signed up! See you there!

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Hey I’ll take Gate216!

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Gate reserved! See you there 😁

Hey fellow, reserve to me Gate D214!!!

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Yes sir! I’ve reorganized gates based on who can attend. The next gate has been assigned to you.

2 Gates Remain!

May I please take the next available gate I already finished the recruitment

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Welcome to our Singapore Virtual Event! @Transport_Hub will give you your requested gate. See you guys later. Happy Landings

I want to participate this event at Gate D216


Be Patience. I guess he is busy right now. He will be back ASAP and add those who will participate. See you later. Happy Landings