ENDED Short flight in the A350 @EDDF 291900FEB20

Hello and welcome to another event of mine. Well since the A350 is my most favorite aircraft along with many other pilots I wanted to invite you to come along for the ride where will will be taking the LUFTHANSA LIVERY ONLYA350 on a very very short flight from Frankfurt down to Munich and then back to Frankfurt. You may ask why such a short flight with a long haul haul plane. Well I wanted to do a flight that’s not to long so people can come and enjoy them self. If you can only make one leg of the flight I understand. If you will like to come just comment down below a gate number and u will be sign up ready to hit the sky!

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What server: Expert server
Where: EDDF
When? : 2020-02-29T05:00:00Z at 2pm EST 11AM PST 7pm UK time
Plane : A350 Lufthansa livery ONLY



T2=Terminal 2 East of the airport
T2 E9: @AviatorGamerYT
T2 E6: @Armani_B
T2 E5: taken
T2 E2: @USAviation
T2 D1: @ID_s_Aviation
T2 D4: @Anth17
T2 D5: @Alex_E
T2 D8: @PocketRishi
T1= Terminal 1
T1 C15:
T1 C14: @Thai001
T1 C13: @ViperSlam
T1 C11:
T1 C8:
T1 C6:
T1 C5:
T1 C4:
T1 C2:
More gates will be added


FL290 speed M.78

R1287 R1284 MD07C DF134 DF999 DF290 DF141 DF165 DF978 DF168 OLKAS TY284 ELVAG INPUD DM412 ALUTU D036U D327N DM011 CQ26R GUDEG DM071 DM437 DM070 R2133 EDDM


This is the chart for EDDF taxi to RWY 25C

Land on RWY 26C then taxi to parking and copy my Flight plan back to EDDF


Spawn at your gate 5-10 minutes before the event starts. If theirs no ATC People be respectful on Unicom and don’t skip no one to be next to me (I am not famous 😂) Also if you’re going to be escorting me in a F22 don’t run into my plane 😉. Once I start to push back you are free to push back and then I will lead. Once we land at Munich taxi to the gates charts will be provided and then once everyone has pushed back and refuel copy my flight plan and taxi to the runway. Remember to have fun but be respectful ☺️ C u their 🙌🏽


Can I take this gate please?

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Yea you can and thank you for coming

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I can do Gate E2

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Alright thanks for signing up

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Can I take gate T2 D1? I will be there for sure.

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T1 gate A40

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Hay welcome to the community
Please pick a gate listed above 🙂

Sure you can! Thank you for signing up

Can I take T2 D4? Thanks.

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Could I get T2 D5. Thanks

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Welcome to the community and thanks for signing up

Yes to can thanks for signing up

Can I have T2 D8?

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Hey there I will take T1 C15 please. I will be attending most probably. If not, I will inform it to you before hand.

Thank you!

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@PocketRishi and @Ifly_guy_yt thank you
Both for signing up


You was given gate T1 C16

How do I join the event? :)

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Hay welcome to the community just go up top where it says gates and you are more then welcome to pick a gate that’s available if u want I can assign you one 🙂

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Hey, The event is tomorrow on 18:00Z, Right?

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