(Ended) Race to KLAS | Delta vs. Southwest @ KSNA - 082340ZDEC17

Southwest vs Delta

Server: TS1

Airport: KSNA

Time: 2340 Zulu

Welcome Everyone!
My name is @PocketAviation and today I bring you a group flight event! Most of you know me for my Airport MAX Out events, but this event is different. On December 8th, 2016, I bought my very first live subscription to Infinite Flight. This simulator has taken me so far and I have definitely enjoyed it! To celebrate my 1 year anniversary with Infinite Flight, I am creating a group flight from KSNA-KLAS. I hope you can come join me for this hour flight! See you in the sim!


The Event

This event will take place on Friday, December 8th at 3:30 PM Western Time, 4:30 Mountain Time, 5:30 Central Time, 6:30 Eastern Time, 7:30 Atlantic Time, 11:30 London Time, 6:30 Singapore Time. The event starts when you spawn in at KSNA. Copy my flight plan and wait for me to request push back. After I have done so, request push back yourselves. Then we will take off runway 20R and follow the flight plan to Las Vegas. After we land, We will have a group photo at KLAS. If anyone is interested, we can also do another group flight for FNF.

The Flight Plan

Our flight plan consists of the ANAHM9 Departure, HEC transition to MISEN, for the KEPIC6 Approach


2 Hours and 6 Minuets Exactly!


737-700 or 737-800 Any Southwest Livery

E170 Delta Livery



Gate 1A
Gate 1B
Gate 2: @PocketAviation E170
Gate 3: @MrAlaska E170
Gate 4: @Jacob_Sim E170
Gate 5: @craig_daniels
Gate 6
Gate 7
Gate 8: @astrosloth5
More will be added if needed
Gate 9:
Gate 10:
Gate 11:
Gate 12:
Gate 13:
Gate 14:
Gate 15: @Chase_Copeland 737-700
Gate 16: @Kevin_James 737-800
Gate 17: @1ofthe3amegos 737-700
Gate 18: @MEJRC 737-700
Gate 19: @Goran12 737-700
Gate 20: @Ishan_S 737-700
Gate 21: @Chris_Carca 737-800
More will be added if needed


John Wayne Ground
John Wayne Tower
John Wayne Departure
Las Vegas Approach
Las Vegas Tower
Las Vegas Ground

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to let me know!


Gate 3 with the E170 Delta Livery. Looks like a fun event :)
NOTE - I might be about 10 minutes late, don’t arrive home until 3:40. (PST)

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Ok That is fine. Just keep me posted on the time! I will try to extend our departure time as much as possible!

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I should be able to attend, what server is it on? I will be in a Delta E170, don’t care what gate.

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Make sure you implement the correct format for the Event if it’s gonna be in the #live:events category!

Use the category to announce, promote and discuss all your Infinite Flight events.

Start your events topic body as follows (feel free to copy this into your event):

Server: Select Training Server

Region: Wait, we still have these?

Airport: Departing Airport

Time: Departing time IN GMT +0

NOTAM: Any NOTAMs for the pilots

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I must have forgot to put them in! Thanks for reminding me!

I’ll fly a Southwest 737-800

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I will be in 787-8 Infinite Flight 2017 Livery. Callsign MASCHINE.

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Can I get a gate plz Southwest 737-700

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@Chris_Carca and @Ishan_S you both have gates 21 and 20. Check above for the correct gate assignment!

Unfortunately, KSNA currently can’t handle large body planes! Please select either a Southwest 737 or Delta E170. Or, you could spawn in at LAX and join us on the way to Las Vegas!

Can I have a gate Southwest 737-700.

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Sure gate 19 is yours! Welcome to the event. See you there!

Gate 18 Southwest 737-700.

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Great see you there! See you at gate 18

Yes I do thanks:)…

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We have plenty of room left! Feel free to join

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Can I have gate 17 in the 737-700?

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Sure gate 17 is yours! Welcome to the event!

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Three Southwest Gates LEFT! Plenty of Delta Gates as well!