[ENDED} Qantas Virtual 1st Vocal ATC event @ YSSY - 021700ZDEC17

Server: Casual

Time: 17:00 Zulu

Dep Airport: YSSY Sydney International Airport

Arv Airport: YPAD Adelaide Airport

Flight time: 2 hours

Aircraft: Any Qantas or Jetstar aircraft

Callsigns: Members should use their Pilot ID, guests please use an approriate callsign.

Flight Plan: To be confirmed

NOTAM: Join Qantas Virtual Group for their first vocal ATC Event on the 2nd of December at 17:00 Zulu as we work with IFATS whilst we fly to Adelaide from Sydney.

The Vocal ATC will take place on the IFATS Discord channel. @Captain_Pablo will PM all pilots with the details of the discord channel prior to the event commencing.

GATES See seperate post for Gates available in Terminal 2 YSSY.

Looking forward to see you there!

Please contact @Captain_Pablo for further details and ask him to add you to gates!



Gates (PM me if you want to join):
Gate 2 - 01 @Captain_Pablo
Gate 2 - 02 @anon97876772
Gate 2 - 03 @JoeyTheNarwhal
Gate 2 - 04 @John_Ryan
Gate 2 - 05 @jack_maole
Gate 2 - 06 @samuel_48
Gate 2 - 07 @turkish534
Gate 2 - 08 @The_Geniusman
Gate 2 - 09 @D3vison
Gate 2 - 10 @Nils_Gravelsins
Gate 2 - 11 @MaksimFerguson
Gate 2 - 12 @MarkusNOR17
Gate 2 - 13 @pilotb27
Gate 2 - 14 @Seanhickey465
Gate 2 - 15 @PIXEL
Gate 2 - 16 @Namit


Discord links are not allowed on the IFC. Please remove it. Have a fun event guys!

I’ll take gate 2 with a Qantas A380, callsign SPRAKLIN

Sure! Hope to see you there.

Cheers, have ammended ;-)

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I’ll be sure to control!

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Hey. Jackson smith here. Sign me up for 03 with the 787

Noted👌. Hope to see you there!

Can I take a gate please.

Sure👌You’ll have gate 4!

Gate assignation pls

You have been assigned gate 5

I’ll try to ATC but if I’m not able to I’ll get back to you with a gate request

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Sure no problem. I hope that you’ll be able to ATC

Please add me too I’m attending!! So excited! 😃

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Sure! You will be at gate 6

Good day, please sign up me to Gate. @Captain_Pablo
Thank you in advance :D

Please sign me up for this

You have both been added. Hope to see you there!