[ENDED] Qantas Back to Basics! @ YBTL - 082200ZFEB18


Server: Expert

Region: Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Airport: YBTL-YBHM

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft:C208 Caravan

Flight Level:FL120

Flight Plan:none its VFR!

NOTAM: all welcome to Join Qantas Virtual as we fly VFR down from Townsville down the coast to the playground of Hamilton Island. The landing can be challenging with strong winds as funneled between the hills that the airfield is built between!


You used a pre-Global photo? Interestingā€¦


Hard to remember the new year, I know ;)

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FYI, VFR alltitudes end at FL180. IFR required IRL above that.

Hence why we are flying at FL120ā€¦

Only one suitable one I had available on my device at timeā€¦

Lol first time I have mis-wtitten the date this year! :-)

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I would love to do this event but I am working thenšŸ˜©šŸ˜©šŸ˜©

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Always tricky to arrange events that suit everyone. However at Qantas Virtual we have Staff from around the globe so that we try and arrange different events at different times.

Happy landing.

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This probably sounds like a stupid question, but what does the FEB18 mean at the end of the date and time of the event??

ā€¦corrisponds to the Month and year. FEB = February and 18 for 2018.

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Can I join sounds fun

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More than welcoming , prob go back 1 HR due to work. Now at 2200.

Cool thanks sound good

Its February 2019?!
Or is this a joke???


Iā€™d love to join! Thanks!

Sorry guys was unable to go ahead as due to work did not get home in time! Sorry will re-organise for a new time.

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