[Ended, Pictures Below] TravelSky Flash Event / Windy Gusts at SoFlo @ KTPA - 071930ZOCT16

Server: Expert Server

Region: South Florida Region

Airport: KTPA

Time: 1930Z

NOTAM: Flight plan can change due to weather conditions

Hello everybody,
As many of you may have heard, Hurricane Matthew is slowly nearing the Floridian Peninsula. We here at TravelSky though this would be a great opportunity to get some flight practice in heavy winds. We will depart from KTPA (Tampa Int’l Airport), and fly down the West Coast of Florida, and then across towards KMIA (Miami Int’l Airport). Plus, all of the TravelSky aircraft currently located at KTPA need to be flown back quickly to TSK’s SoFlo hub in Miami before the storm hits, and the aircraft will get grounded.

Any aircraft can be used for this event. Feel free to come in whatever aircraft you want (Please keep in mind, that all aircraft used in the event must be flown in the generic livery!).

This is a rough flight plan (I will file a finalized flight plan at the beginning of the event. Everyone will/should copy the final flight plan)

TravelSky Flight Number: TSK38

Cruising altitude is at each pilot’s own discretion!

I hope a lot of you will take up the challenge, and come join us in SoFlo for some fun windy flying ;)

TravelSky Event Organizer/Planner


Isn’t the heavy wind on the east coast? Wouldn’t we be flying in light wind on the west coast?

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Didn’t think there was supposed to be any bad weather in Florida today or tomorrow, was there? ;)

Why don’t you make the event then?😡

Ok ok. It was just a suggestion. Not meant to anger you.


Usable to do it sorry

Sorry for snapping like that. I am a little exhausted. I just had a 2 hour basketball practice.

Lol. It’s fine.

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#Event begins in 4 hours and 30 minutes!

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Can’t make this, sorry.

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It’ll be close for me. Last minute shopping, but should be able to go to the grocery in that time. Planning on making it.

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Count me in. Just got live+.


Awesome! ;)

#The event begins in 1 hour!

One hour. It’ll be real tight. Depends on how long the grocery store takes. Worst case, I join in half way or have to up my speed (keeping in still in the realistic range) on departure from TPA. What planes you guys coming in? I can’t decide, but thinking about a319 or 737-700.

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Ill come along
B789 callsign M-AGIC

#Event is postponed by 30 minutes.

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Thank god! I’ll Deffinately make it now.

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#Listen up! @hmkane will now lead the event. If you have any questions, please contact him :)


I’m planning pushback at 40 after so I can get flight plan filed and to give a little extra time to those who need it.