[ended] MID-WEEK FLUTTER North East Coast @ YBBN - 112000ZJAN18

Server: Training

Airport Dep: YBBN

Airport Arv: YBTL

Time: 2000Z

Aircraft: Jetstar A320

Flight PLan : YBBN WACKO W709 SUSGI W534 LINSU W258 JEMMA DCT YBTL Subject to change depending on actual weather conditons closer to departure time.

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NOTAM: Join Qantas Virtual for a Mid-week Flight as we fly up the North East Coast from Brisbane to Townsville. Dont forget your surfboard! All welcome to come along for the fun!

Time Table

2030-2045z Spawn
2045-2100z Push back
2100z - Take Off
2230z ETA Townsville


About to spawn, see you all there!

Hold Short

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nice! thanks for coming! I see you had time set toactual time as well. lovely sunrise over Brisbane!

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Yre welcome, ye normaly was Sunset in my location, i have got changed to real time on setting. 🤙🏽
See you soon again.

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Hi, i would like a gate beside dom226db. Thanks

I’ll have a gate please thanks

I think you may need to update your date and time in the title to correctly reflect when the event is being held (or has it already happened?)

Yep this event took place on the 11th Jan, so sorry @JMac and @Dom226db you missed it! Looks like some one had altered my title as was originally 112000ZJAN18

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