[ENDED] Little England Flyout! @ TBPB - 052130ZJAN19

Little England Flyout - 05 January 2019

Event Description
This event consists of a series of outbound flights from the island of Barbados, to many different locations around the world. TBPB (Grantley-Adams International Airport) is one of the most busiest airports in the Caribbean.

Event Details
Server: Training
Airport: Grantley-Adams International Airport (TBPB)
Aircraft: Caribbean Airlines 737-800, Jetblue A321-200,
American Airlines 737-800, Delta 737-800, Virgin Atlantic A340-600, TUI Airways 787-8,
British Airways 777-200ER, Generic Dash 8-Q400 (LIAT), Air Canada 767-300, Air France A318-100, TBM 930 Charcoal(Air Antilles Express), TBM 930 Maroon(One Caribbean), Thomas Cook 767-300, Copa Airlines 737-800, Avianca A318-100

Gate Assignments
Please request a gate in the comments!

TBPB Gates

Gate 1 (Air Canada - Toronto CYYZ)- @bdreslin02
Gate 2 (Air Canada- Montreal CYUL)- @Flying_Ryan
Gate 3 (American Airlines- Miami KMIA)- @anon82246052
Gate 4 (Delta Airlines- )- @Eli_Tech
Gate 5 FREE
Gate 6 (Jetblue Airways- New York KJFK)- @MathAviation7
Gate 7 (Caribbean Airlines- Port Of Spain TTPP)- @SirMarkieMark
Gate 8 (Jetblue Airways- KFLL)- @Mitch
Gate 9 (Jetblue Airways- ) @TCHeincy
Gate 10 FREE
Gate 11 FREE
Gate 12 FREE
Gate 13 FREE
Gate 14 (British Airways- London Gatwick EGKK)- @esant_15
Gate 15 (British Airways- Manchester EGCC)- @Speedbird92
Gate 16 (Virgin Atlantic- London Heathrow EGLL)- @savavalentin86
Gate 17 FREE
Gate 18 (TOMJET- Manchester EGCC)- @Logan_Lee
Gate 19 FREE
Gate 20 (Thomas Cook- Manchester EGCC)- @TERROR_GAMES
Gate 21FREE
Gate 22 (Avianca- Bogotá SKBO)- @Jeronimo_Castro

GA Ramps

Ramp 1- FREE
Ramp 2- (Air Antilles Express- St. Eustatius TNCE)- @TenMileJones
Ramp 3- FREE
Ramp 4- FREE
Ramp 5- FREE

Hangar Parking (Optional)

Hangar 1- @ouzi
Hangar 2- @baseball_inferno
Hangar 3- (Free to use military or private aircrafts/fly any route)

Ground: @Aviator10
Tower: @Aviator10
Departure: @Ben2610


  • Please spawn in 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to prepare for our departure.

  • Please maintain spacing with other aircraft during the flight, and demonstrate proper airmanship throughout all flight stages

  • If applicable, follow all ATC instructions. If there is no active ATC, please use Unicom properly during the event.

Flight Planning
You may create your own flight plans or use FPLtoIF.com !
FPLtoIF.com - Convert and copy your Simbrief/Flight Aware plans to Infinite Flight

Additional Information: I hope you guys enjoy the event! There have been a few adjustments and substitution to help simulate the real airport’s daily routines & flights! Please note that not all of these flights are up to date and may have been added by personal preferrance.
Thank You!


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I’ll take any of the GA gates, pick your favorite :)

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You’ll get Ramp 2, St. Eustatius!

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If there is any confusion on the generic aircrafts, feel free to ask me or refer to the aircraft section!

Can I get gate 7 please!

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Sure, Gate 7 is all yours!

Gates are still open for anyone interested!

I edited this airport. Finally, someone is hosting an event there. 😍

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Thank you! Are you willing to participate in the event? 😉