[ENDED] Lightweights - Mountain Playground @ KMTJ - 231630ZJUL17

Server: Casual

Region: Denver, CO

Airport: KMTJ

Time: 1630Z

NOTAM: EVERYONE WHO IS IN THIS EVENT, PLEASE JOIN THIS DISCORD: Discord (if link is defunct, then tell me and I’ll refresh it.) Please follow all instructions given by me until the whole group has taken off. All skill levels are welcome, from grade 1-5. ONLY use voice chat. If this isn’t possible, then PM me and I’ll see if I can sort anything out.

NOTICE- Be sure to stay on the discord as I plan to make more lightweight events.


GA Parking 1: Cpt. TC
GA Parking 2: @Squiffy
GA Parking 3: @Anthony_Vo
GA Parking 4: @Maria_Catania
GA Parking 5: @Lukascrazydude
GA Parking 6: @Woody_Powderley-Turn
GA Parking 7: @KevinMc88
GA Parking 8:

NOTE TO ALL: More gates can be organised if all gates become full

Hello everyone! This is my first event so please do keep that in mind if I have done anything wrong. Feel free to ask questions in the thread comments and please be respectful.

We will start by everyone joining the discord voice chat. This is done by selecting the discord voice server and please set your settings to have push to talk enabled. To join this event, you MUST have 2 or more devices with you. (One for discord voice chat, one for playing infinite flight).

This event is expected to take 1 hour, but anyone is free to stay on the discord. The discord will be kept open for the next lightweights GA event.

If anyone wants to be atc, you are free to be via discord voice chat (PM me and I’ll set up an ATC voice chatroom) or by regular In-App ATC.

As for diagrams, all of them will be posted in the discord, but here they are for newcomers:

Playground Area:

The Initial Parking Area

Top-Down In-App Screenshot of KMTJ

Hello Im joining :D Please give me gate!

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*Can you give me a gate please?

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Gate 01 Or 02 Thank you!

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Ok! GA Parking 4 is all yours!

Be sure to join the discord

I’ll Try to join…
But It has. To be Before 6PM (AWST Time)

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Check your zulu time.

Can you assign me a gate please?

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Yep. Gate 5 is all yours as long as you’re on the discord. Welcome!

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Sorry cant come unless you change the time to 13:30 ( ZULU time :) )

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I’ll be sure to do that. Make sure you invite others though.

I’ll be sure to do that. Make sure you invite others though.

Make sure to Change time to 13:30ZULU.

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And just to make sure it’s on Saturday at Denver, CO.

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Yep, Denver CO, Saturday

No one is joining :(

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1630Z is 12:30PM AWST

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I may cancel the event if I don’t get minimum 4 joins

The closer we get to the event though, the higher the event is placed on the infinite flight home scree. You often get last-minute joiners.