[Ended] Independence Day Flight @ KPHL - 041900ZJUL18

Flight Info

Server: Training

Time: July 4, 2018 7:00 PM

Airport: KPHL
Aircraft: UAL CRJ-700, AAL CRJ-700, DAL CRJ-700
Happy Fourth Of July IFC! To celebrate the United States Of America’s Independence Day, I will be hosting an event that takes us from the place where the holiday originated, Philadelphia, to our nation’s current capital, Washington DC. Hope to see you there!



Terminal D

Gate Attendant Aircraft
D09 @DiamondGaming4 United CRJ-700
D10 @Sandals American CRJ-900
D11 @Sammy_Droubi American CRJ-700
D12 @PedroG United CRJ-700
D13 @Plane-Train-TV American CRJ-700
D14 @Adam_Macaulay United CRJ-700
D15 @SF34 Delta CRJ-700

Ooh looks fun! I’ll join! AAL CRJ7

How long is the flight?
Sign me up! Let’s go!
AA CRJ7 as envoy air please

Around an hour

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Sounds good! I’ll take a gate in an American crj7

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Oh good! I’ll take D12 in a United CRJ7 please

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D12 is yours!

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45 minutes to go!
Super excited.

Can I join? I’ll be an American crj700!

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So am I! I love short hops

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Joining Last Minute - Going with United CRJ-700 will park at D14.

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I’ll take D15 with a DAL CRJ7! 🙂

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Also may I ask the altitude to cruise at and Mach Number for cruise (flight planning purposes)

I’m working on the event chat as we speak, it will be announced there 👍🏻

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I could actually be ATC if you’d like.

Any spaces left? If there are may I join in

Yes. Let me add a few more Gates. What aircraft would you like?

That works. Would you like me to remove you from the gate list?

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Yeah that’s fine! Thanks! Have fun everyone. I’ll try to do my best

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May I use the CRJ-900?

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