{ENDED} grxninesix's 100th Live flight hour celebration - Big SoCal tour on PG

Please dont talk to ATC at KEDW during my descent, to avoid game crashing after long flight, thank you :)

Join me who wants!!! Ready for a big tour ?


You better tell ground services to pump in a little more fuel this time


2 hour leg? Maybe 3?

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2 hours i think

actually i’m in the very nord east of the SoCal region, just passed CN23 airport

i have chose to land in a non controlled airport to avoid a app crash due to long flight and contact ATC (a big know bug)

i’m here now :

now i’m a the very east (near KTRM), false-“escorted” by an F-22 (Nasa 222 - IceBlue), 00:47 flight time

joining u (filler)

take off at L78 and climb to FL 380 to the west

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make a FPL if u can

please copy my FPL :)

for me it says u have none

wait a few seconds, deselect me then select me again :)

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do you are Escort002 heavy?

info for my flight :
i’m flying SWISS A319 - set FL380, SPD M 0.69 (293kts)

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u keep dissaperinbg for me

sometimes yes, i take screenshots and sometimes accidentally i lock my iPhone… needs few seconds to reconnect to the server

i’ll stop to watch right to left view because my phone starts lagging a bit sometimes… i dont want my app crash :(

oh i have to go but ill be back before your flight ends

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wait me at KEDW

Congratulations on your 100th hour of fight!

Wish I could come to celebrate that, but it’s late here in Abu Dhabi, I will soon have to sleep!


No problem buddy, thanks !



NASA222, A tactically-equipped F22 left Twentynine palms at 1900Z; to join up and escort SWR100 in the Los Angeles sectional. 222 joined the A319 at approx. 1910hrs. 222 escorted 100 around the south of the SoCal section. 222 broke off from the aircraft at 1935hrs, to make a successful approach to San Clemente.

(I apologise to @Maxmustang and anyone else who knows how to properly write these.)

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