[ENDED] Colorado Springs Summer Flyout 2023

Colorado Springs Flyout


This is my second event I will be hosting after the successful Aspen Flyout, this airport is a bit bigger than Aspen as this is the 2nd busiest and 2nd biggest airport in Colorado behind Denver, which is only 60 miles up the road from Colorado Springs. I’m going to be doing event slightly different as I’m gonna let you pick the flights, and I’m gonna give you a list to pick from, then I’ll assign your gate, just ask which flight you want then I’ll assign your gate. This airport has many options as 6 airline serve the airport, there is cargo and many military flights.

Colorado Springs Airport Information


Event Details

Event Time - Saturday, August 12, 2023 6:00 PMSaturday, August 12, 2023 6:30 PM

Flight options and Gate Assignments

Airline Terminal (1 slots left)

Choices for flights:

American Airlines/American Eagle

-Dallas/Fort Worth (Plane choice: CRJ-700, E175, or 737-800

Southwest Airlines

Plane choice for all: 737-700 (Heart or Canyon Blue) or 737-800 (Heart)

-Las Vegas
-Long Beach

United Airlines/United Express

-Chicago-O’Hare (Plane choice: E175, or A320)
-Denver (Plane choice: CRJ-200, CRJ-700, or E175)

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate 1 Minneapolis [KMSP] Sun Country B738 @Keegan_Butler
Gate 2 Burbank [KBUR] Avelo B738 @Heavy_Lifter
Gate 3 Minneapolis [KMSP] Delta B738 @AggressivePilot99
Gate 4 Salt Lake City [KSLC] Delta Connection E175 @Skyline_AV
Gate 5 Atlanta [KATL] Delta B738 @FlyByWire1
Gate 6 - - - -
Gate 7 Houston-Intercontinental [KIAH] United Express CRJ7 @_TheTexanAvgeek
Gate 8 San Diego [KSAN] Southwest B738 @anon38552190
Gate 9 Dallas-Love [KDAL] Southwest B737 @Bay_Area_Aviation
Gate 10 Phoenix-Sky Harbor [KPHX] Southwest B737 @AmericanB772
Gate 11 Chicago-Midway [KMDW] Southwest B737 @SWA1997
Gate 12 San Antonio [KSAT] Southwest B738 @United403
GA Ramp/Private jets (6 slots left)

Plane choices:

A318 ACJ
737-700 BBJ
737-900 BBJ
Challenger 350
Cessna 172
Cessna 208 Caravan
Cirrus SR22
CubCrafters XCub
E175 Private

To any destination suitable for the plane

| Stand | Aircraft | Mission | User |

| GA Ramp 1 | XCub | Aspen [KASE] | @717Flier
| GA Ramp 3 | C172 | Pattern Work | @Keegan_Butler

Cargo Ramp (FULL)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Cargo Ramp 1 Memphis [KMEM] FedEx B752 @DJW
Cargo Ramp 2 Camp Springs [KADW] USAF VC-25 @BenjiTheBull
Peterson AFB (25 slots left)
Air Mobility Command

(7 Slots left) Plane choice: Lockheed Martin C-130H (US Navy livery)

Recommendations for what to do:

Pattern Work, Go to an AFB in the USA, etc.

| Stand | Mission | User |

| AF F1 | Pattern Work | @DJW |

Air Force Reserve Command

(8 slots left) Plane choice: Lockheed Martin C-130H (US Navy livery)

Recommendations: Go to somewhere else in Colorado, do aerial firefighting in the mountains (make circles in the mountains)

Air National Guard

(10 slots left) Plane choice: Challenger 350 (Generic livery)

Recommendations for flight: Fly to another AFB, Pattern Work


ATC (2 slots left)
Ground Tower ATIS Departure Denver Center
@Butter575 @Butter575 @Butter575 - -

Southwest 737-800 to Long Beach

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Yup, all yours

I will take gate 10 please, I will fly KCOS-KPHX, Southwest B737!


I’ll take both


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Great choice!

Also a great. Was hoping someone would do a C130

Avelo B737-800 to Burbank!!


Yay, I knew someone would pick this, but yes it’s yours

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@Cole_Woodard is this airport 3D ?

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It is not.


ill take this on any gate please

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Thanks for the info 👍

Yes ima put you at Gate 3

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Yeah unfortunately it is 2D

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Ah, my home airport. I’ll take a 172 at the JetCenter (ramp 3) for patterns

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Alrighty, you bet it yours, also we don’t live too far apart then

Southwest B737-700 to KDAL please!

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You bet, all yours

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Event bump