[Ended] Announcing the partnership of Aeroflot and El Al Virtual! @ LLBG - 212145ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Israel/European Russia

Airport: LLBG

Time: 2145Z

NOTAM: Aeroflot and El Al Virtual are glad to announce our partnership! From now on, our services will be “code-shared”, and pilots will be able to choose between Aeroflot and El Al aircraft. This creates a new opportunity for new routes to be added to the two airlines, increasing Aeroflot’s routes through Tel Aviv, and increasing El Al’s routes through Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Vladivostok. In honour of our partnership, we will be hosting a new event in which we fly from Tel Aviv to Moscow - the two airlines’ major hubs. We hope to see you all there, as this event will be open to everyone in IF.

Our new, combined interactive route map

Event information
Aircraft options
For the participants in El Al virtual and those who wish to operate an El Al aircraft, the 737-800 will be the aircraft of choice.
For the participants in Aeroflot Virtual and those who with to operate an Aeroflot aircraft, there will be a choice between the 737-900, the A320, or the 777-300ER (because Aeroflot operates that for some reason). I, @Northwest, as the CEO and representative of Aeroflot Virtual will be operating an Aeroflot 737-900. @Davidberman, as the representative and CEO of El Al virtual, will be operating the El Al 737-800.

Cruising speed should be set at around 0.8 M.

Pilots will be expected to fly at around 30,000 feet to avoid collisions with the Ural and Caucasus mountain ranges

Flight Plan

May change due to weather

Callsign options
Aeroflot Virtual members please use your designated callsign. I will be using Aeroflot 1.
El Al Virtual members please use your designated callsign
Those who are not in either VA, but wish to participate, use either an Aeroflot or El Al callsign with a number greater than 200.

The flight will be approximately 1466 nautical miles, and last approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes

If you would like a gate, please ask in the comments below
Ramp J01:
Ramp J02:
Ramp J03:
Ramp J04:
Ramp J05:
Ramp J06:
Ramp J07:
Ramp J08:
Ramp J09: @Sebastien_Cartier
Ramp J10: @Nidhish_Kataria
Ramp J11: @Northwest
Ramp J12: @Davidberman
Ramp J13: @anon57683537

Would you like to join one of these amazing VA’s?
If you would like to join Aeroflot Virtual, please either PM me (@Northwest), email us at aeroflotvirtual.if@gmail.com, or visit our site at aeroflot-va-if.weebly.com
If you would like to join El Al virtual, please either PM @Davidberman, or visit El Al Virtual’s website at https://elalairlines.wixsite.com/elal

Both VA’s are IFVARB approved and can be found on the Virtual Airline Database

Also a special thanks to @Davidberman for making this event/partnership happen!

See you all in Tel Aviv (and then Moscow)!

Photos from the event
Photos in Tel Aviv:

Photos in Moscow


350 knots is a bit fast and at a normal airline cruise altitude will definitely be a over-speed violation. Also Altitudes need too be picked based on direction of flight. And a last bit advice would be for the 737 series a good cruise between M.78 and M.82

Have fun at the event. Warm Regards


.82 is the maximum for the 737 family, not ideal. It should really be closer to 0.79.

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Would either you, @N1DG, or @UpgradeMe like to attend the event?

can i have a gate for this event

Nice to see all these partnership on the community

It actually hurts not to make a geopolitical joke…

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Sure, I’ll add you right now

Hey guys ! Could you give me a gate ?
Could it be a little before 2200Z ? Or else never mind, I won’t go to work next morning ;)

1900z know it is a little early but atleast more people are available

The earliest I can do is 2145z, I don’t get home until then

okay so I’ll have a gate then ;)

Ok, I’ll put you in for it

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@Q-ENAN, would you like to participate?

No sorry, I’m not too much into group flying (in liner)

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Ok, the event has been moved to 2145z

Hey northwest, we meet again! Ill have a gate please

Ok, I’ll put you in now

I can’t wait to see everyone there tomorrow

Does anyone else want a gate?