[Ended] Aerosync - farewell flight for Overspeed, Captain A, and Zenneth @ KRFD - 071900ZJAN18

Yes please, I’d love to do that!

Alright! WeeWill will add you once he’s on!

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Rodger dodger, both airports it is :)

1 day left to sign up everyone

Is it ok if I can come, but I don’t finish the flight?
(I’ll divert to another airport, because I don’t think I have time for all the event.)

Of course, @WeeWill will sign you up

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Thanks! I’ll update you if I can’t come

Is it possible that I could sign up?

Sure, take gate 5. You can divert to KDEN if you want too.

Absolutely! Take gate 6 :)


Did this event start yet?

Starts tomorrow :) Want to join?

For me here in the Eastern Time Zone it’s tomorrow

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Just over 1hr till the event starts!

See ya in two hours in chicago.

Kiro its just over 2 hours, not one. 1900Z is 2PM EST, not 1PM EST.

Well, yeah… ITS SUNDAY OK?

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Planned departure is just after 1910z, just a heads up

I belive that I can make it, just going to Denver though

Rodger that, take gate 7 :)

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Not an issue. The more the better! Let’s fill Rockford up!

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