[Ended] Aerosync - farewell flight for Overspeed, Captain A, and Zenneth @ KRFD - 071900ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Chicago

Airport: KRFD

Time: 1900Z


Hello everyone.

With the recent staff changes, it has come time to celebrate the past of this VA, while at the same time looking towards the great things that are in store for the future. This is the goodbye flight for Overspeed, Captain A, and Zenneth.

This flight will take place on January 7, 2018 at KRFD (with overflow gates being assigned at KORD). We will fly to KRNO using the Airbus A318 (ACJ Livery 3), the Boeing 737-700 BBJ (Private 2 livery), or the Boeing 757-200 (UPS livery).

Cruise speed: M 0.80

Cruise altitude: 33,000 ft

VS/Climb speed: ATC or pilot’s discretion (try to maintain proper separation).

Flight plan:

Anyone wishing to complete the event only halfway (due to lack of time or fuel concerns) can fly or divert to KDEN at the pilot’s discretion.

Please follow all ATC instructions. Maintain proper spacing, and fly patterns correctly. Please avoid the Chicago and Reno areas while this event is taking place.

If you wish to attend, please comment below and we will assign you a gate.


Cargo UPS 1: @Etrain
Cargo UPS 2: @WeeWill
Cargo UPS 3: @Kirito_77
Cargo UPS 4: @AndrewWu
Cargo UPS 5: @Captain_Zen
Cargo UPS 6: @Alex_McLean
Cargo UPS 7: @BobbyRobert
Cargo UPS 8: @ratul_sen
Cargo UPS 9: @Joshua_Davis
Cargo UPS 10:
Cargo UPS 11:
Cargo UPS 12:
Cargo UPS 13:
Cargo UPS 14:
Cargo UPS 15:
Cargo UPS 16:
Cargo UPS 17:

More gates added as needed


KRFD Ground: @DeltaMD88Fan
KRFD Tower: @DeltaMD88Fan
KRFD Departure:

KRNO Ground: @DeltaMD88Fan
KRNO Tower: @DeltaMD88Fan
KRNO Approach:

If KRFD fills up, ATC at KORD will be added.

KRFD Terminal:

Gate 4: @SilverSurfer (Overspeed)
Gate 3: @Captain_A

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

-WeeWill, Kirito, and the rest of The AeroSync Group.


You can add @ to my name if you wish :)

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This is excellent. Will definitely be signing up for this and I hope that many others will too

I’ll apply for Reno ATC plz, Tower :)

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Gotcha. Do you want ground as well?

Sure!!! Yes I’ll take it

Hey guys,
Wow, nice to see that event! You can add me definitely to the gates, and I’m a 100 percent sure cap will join this one last ride as well.



Looking forward to the flight, i’ll be there.

Rodger dodger!

Great! Since you are the “Guests Of Honor” so to speak, you can take gates at the terminal. Ovsp, you can take gate 4 and Captain A, you can take gate 3.


Take cargo gate 3 :)

2 weeks remaining and counting

I would love to join this event, but I unfortunately cannot due to the timing. Good luck.

Time and Date is not suitable for my attendance but farewell Overspeed. You’ll always be in our speed warnings. (:


I will try to be there!

Thanks! Take cargo gate 4.

7 Days left to sign up guys!

1 week left on this event, we don’t expect massive attendance but it would be nice to have a little group of people on with us!

Since I won’t be actually flying can I do ATC for both airports?

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Thanks haha, will be a nice flight anyway, we meet in the skies sometime ;)

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Yes you sure can! Ground and tower at both airports, correct?