[Ended] Aeroflot Virtual giving Minneapolis some love! @ KMSP - 142145ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Minnesota “Don’tcha know”

Airport: KMSP

Time: 2145Z

NOTAM: Welcome to Aeroflot Virtual’s latest event, where we will be flying from Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport to Moscow Sheremetyvo International Airport.

Anyone Can Join!

Pilots may select their own altitude based on preference, (but nothing ridiculous, such as 200 ft or 70,000ft).

Cruising should be set at around 350kts.
I will be using the callsign Aeroflot 1, and others interested may use any Aeroflot callsign greater than 4.

Flight Plan

(May change due to weather)

The flight will be approximately 4260 nautical miles taking approximately 9 hours and 40 minutes

The choices include the A330-300, the 777-300ER, and the MD-11F. I will be using the A330-300

Flights will be out of Terminal 1
If you would like a gate, ask for one in the comments below
G10: @Northwest A330-300
G11: @DeltaCRJ-900 777-300ER
G12: @Nidhish_Kataria 777-300ER
G13: @anon57683537 777-300ER
G14: @William_Chin MD11F
G15: @Davidberman 777-300ER (maybe)
G16: @Mohamed1 777-300ER
Gates can be added as needed

Would you like to Join?
To join, either PM me, email us at aeroflotvirtual.if@gmail.com, or visit our website at aeroflot-va-if.weebly.com
(To those of you who have filled out the form and still not gotten a response, I am very sorry, as I thought I had turned on notifications. Please PM me if you would still like to join. Please check your email before sending us one, as I have responded to some requests.)

Yes, we are IFVARB approved

In case you were wondering, I know that Aeroflot doesn’t fly to MSP, also, that is a real sign from MSP, but I photoshoped Aeroflot on to it.

I especially hope to see @DeltaCRJ-900, and other MSP people at this event!

See you in Minneapolis!

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Photos in MSP:


Photos in Kangerlussuaq:

Photo in St. Petersburg


This looks fun! I’ll try to show up for it. Put me down for gate G11 please in a 777-300ER.


Yeah definitely- I’ll put you in right now

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@DeltaCRJ-900, update on time- changed to 2000z - 2:00 central so that we won’t have to get up at 2 in the morning to land. Can you still make it?

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Could we start it in the morning around 8:00am Central time?

I can’t make that timing, does any time in the afternoon work for you though? (4-6)

I can probably make it. What day is the event?

Wednesday the 14th at 2145Z

I can’t make it but I can depart earlier.

When would you depart?

Great Initiative! Congratulations!

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Would you like to attend the event?

@DeltaCRJ-900, I think the time will be set at 2145z tomorrow

do you have to be part of the va

No, you don’t, would you like to attend?

when is It and what time does it start eastern time

I will like to join it sounds fun

Can I have g12 or g 13

I will be in a 777 probably

3:45 central so 4:45 pm eastern on Wednesday the 14th