(ENDED) A Nordic Flyout @ EKCH - ESGG - 121600ZOCT19⁹

Welcome back to another event of mine. This time it’ll be a bit different from other events I’ve hosted before. The event will take place at 2 airports - Copenhagen Kastrup and Gothenburg Landvetter.

Huge thanks to @TheOtherOnesMika for helping out with Gothenburg! :)

About Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH) (CPH)

Kastrup is Denmark’s main international airport, located at the island Amager 8 kilometers from Copenhagen and 24km from Malmö, Sweden. It is the largest and busiest airport in Scandinavia measured by passenger count.
Kastrup is a hub for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and serves many airlines with direct flights to all over the world.

About Gothenburg Landvetter (ESGG) (GOT)

Landvetter is the second-largest airport in Sweden and sixth-largest in Scandinavia. Several airlines fly from the airport to mostly europe and the middle east.

The airport terminal has 8 air bridges or gates. 6 of them serve flights domestic and within the Schengen area, and 2 gates for non-Schengen flights.


With Copenhagen and Gothenburg merged, you can fly to almost any destination in the world!

I cannot include every single route, so please let me know if you want a route that isn’t on the list. It must be a real life route unless it is general aviation.

More information such as runways in use will be announced later in a group PM around 1 day prior.

Thank you for checking out my event and I hope you can come!

Server - Expert
Airport - Copenhagen (EKCH) - Gothenburg (ESGG)

Date & time: 2019-10-12T16:00:00Z

NOTAMS: Please spawn atleast 10 minuts prior. You are responsible for your own fuel and flightplan.

It is unclear if IFATC will be present, more information will be announced later.


Departure charts (EKCH)

Runway 04R

Runway 22R


Terminal 1 Gate A18-A23 (Skyteam & Charter)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
A18 Alitalia A321 Rome (LIRF)
A20 KLM B739 Amsterdam (EHAM)
A21 Alitalia A321 Milan Malpensa (LIMC)
A22 Thomas Cook A321 Rhodes (LGRP) @Kenny3
A23 Thomas Cook A321 Kos (LGKO
Terminal 1 Gate A25-A33 (Turboprop)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
A25 Luxair Q400 Luxembourg (ELLX) @sam.dus
A26 airBaltic Q400 Riga (EVRA
A27 Widerøe Q400 Kristiansand (ENCN) @anon57683537
A28 DAT Q400 generic Oslo (ENGM)
A29 DAT Q400 generic Karup (EKKA)
A30 DAT Q400 generic Borgholm (EKRN)
A31 FlexFlight Q400 generic Sønderborg (EKSB)
A32 Eurowings Q400 generic Essen (EDLE)
A33 Widerøe Q400 Oslo Sandefjord (ENTO) @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

Terminal 2 - Gate A4-16 (Oneworld)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
A4 Norwegian B738 Ålborg (EKYT)
A5 Air France A318 Paris CDG (LFPG)
A6 Iberia A321 Madrid (LEMD)
A7 Norwegian B738 Tenerife (GCTS)
A8 Norwegian B738 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (GCLP)
A9 Norwegian B738 Larnaca (LCLK)
A10 Norwegian B738 Malaga (LEMG)
A11 Finnair A321 Helsinki (EFHK) @2003iggy
A12 Norwegian B738 Chania (LGSA)
A14 Air France A320 Toulouse (LFBO)
A15 Norwegian B738 Prague (LKPR)
A16 Norwegian B738 Barcelona (LEBL) @Matteo1
Terminal 2 Gate B2-B19 (Star Alliance)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
B02 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt (EDDF)
B03 SAS B738 Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) @MarkONE
B04 Austrian A321 Vienna (LOWW)
B05 Lufthansa A320 Munich (EDDM) @TransportForLife
B06 SAS A320 Amsterdam (EHAM) @ChristopherClark
B07 Swiss A321 Zürich (LSZH) @Chindle_1204
B09 SAS A320 Dublin (EIDW) @Cooper
B10 Air Greenland A333 generic Søndre Strømfjord (BGSF) @Isgrena
B16 Icelandair B752 Reykjavik (BIKF)
B17 SAS A320 Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) @DimitriB
B19 SAS A320 Vágar, Faroe Islands (EKVG) @CaptJRasmussen
Terminal 2 Gate C10-C49 (Intercontinental)
Gate/Stand Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
C10 SAS A343 generic Tokyo Narita (RJAA)
C26 British Airways A319 London Heathrow (EGLL)
C28 SAS A333 Miami (KMIA)
C29 Air Canada B77W Toronto (CYYZ)
C30 Turkish Airlines A321 Istanbul (LTFM)
C32 Singapore Airlines B77W Singapore (WSSS) @rockpapernuke
C33 SAS A333 Washington Dulles (KIAD) @Pilot_Waters
C34 SAS A320 Manchester (EGCC)
C35 Qatar B788 Doha (OTHH) @Ajith_Anand
C40 SAS A333 New York EWR (KEWR) @axeand
C45 Thai Airways B772 Bangkok (VTBS)
C49 Emirates A388 Dubai (OMDB)
H102 TUI B788 London Gatwick (EGKK) @Manav_Suri

Terminal 3 Gate D1-D12 (Star Alliance)
Gate/Stand Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
D01 SAS A320 Palermo, Sicily (LICJ) @MarkusEngedal
D02 Brussels Airlines A319 Brussels (EBBR)
D03 SAS CRJ9 Bergen (ENZV) @Jens_Severin
D04 SAS A319 Gdansk (EPGD)
D06 SAS CRJ9 Stavanger (ENZV)
D10 TAP A320 Lisbon (LPPT)
D12 SAS A320 Berlin Tegel (EDDT)
Terminal 3 Gate F1-F9 (Low cost)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
F01 Easyjet A319 Venice (LIPZ)
F04 Ryanair B738 Porto (LPPR)
F05 Easyjet A320 Geneva (LSGG)
F07 Easyjet A320 Basel Mulhouse (LFSB)
F08 Ryanair B738 Bordeaux (LFBD)
F09 Ryanair B738 Alicante (LEAL)


Departure charts (ESGG)

Runway 21
Runway 03


Gate 12-17
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
12 SAS B738 Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) @Captain_JR
13 Austrian A321 Vienna Schwechat (LOWW)
58 TUI Nordic B763 Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) @J9J9T
15 Swiss A319 Zürich Kloten (LSZH) @Marco-legend
16 SAS A319 Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH) @Alexandre_Casa
17 SAS A320 Berlin (EDDT) @10R80_Daily
Gate 19-20
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
19 Qatar Airways B788 Doha (OTHH) @GlobalFlyer1
20 British Airways A320 London Heathrow (EGLL) @TaipeiGuru
Terminal Stands

More stands will be added if needed!

Stands Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
21 TUI Nordic B763 Chania (LGSA) @AryaTheLivingMeme
22 TUI Nordic B738 Split (LDSP) @vansh_purohit
24 TUI Nordic B763 Antalya (LTAI) @Zak_Plant
25 SAS A320 Berlin (EDDT)
56 Norwegian B738 Oslo (ENGM)
60 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt (EDDF)
62 Norwegian B738 London Gatwick (EGKK) @Hexmont
64 SAS B738 Nice (LFMN)
66 airBaltic Q400 Riga (EVRA)
General Aviation

Didn’t find your favourite route? Then general aviation is your friend!
You may choose any GA aircraft & aircraft!

GA stand Aircraft Destination Attendant


This event is sponsored by SAS Virtual.

Copenhagen is SAS’ largest hub with non-stop flights to Asia and North America while
Gothenburg is a focus city for SAS with flights to almost any destination in europe.

SAS virtual pilots will recieve x2.5 flight time for this event!

Check out their thread below!


Can I take the Swiss A321 to Zurich?

Call sign SIVA004



Can I have gate c33? SAS Copenhagen-Dulles in the a333.
Callsign: SCVA048


@Pilot_Waters @Chindle_1204

All set, see you there!


I’ll take Gate A33 at EKCH.


Very nice choice I must say! See ya at the event:)


Sign me up at Gate A16
Thank you:)

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Thanks for signing up!

Sign me up at Gate A25 at EKCH please

lovely choice, you’re signed up.

Is it possible to get a gate to Bergen? Thanks :)

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Can I get gate D01 from Copenhagen to Palermo?

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Well… you know I love me some Stockholm and Göteborg, soooo, I’d like to have this gate, thanks 😊

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I’ll take the Qatar Airways Gate to Doha from Gothenburg! Thanks!

Could I take this gate please?

Great event!

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@Jens_Severin - Gate A10 to Bergen is yours.

@MarkusEngedal - Wonderful choice, gate A10 now yours!

@Captain_JR - yes Göteborg is truly a nice city with Liseberg.


I’ll do the Thomas Cook to Rhodes gate a22

@GlobalFlyer1 @Kenny3 see you guys at the event!

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I’m more fond of Universeum but Liseberg was fun to visit too 🤩

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@SwedishFlyer, can i change my aircraft to an SAS CRJ900 thanks