Ended (17 Attending ) [Partnered With Copa Virtual] Panama City, Panama Fly Out @MPTO 201900ZJUL19

Come Join me on my event from Panama City, Panama I’m from Panama so help me fill up my home airport .

**About Tocumen International Airport **

Tocumen International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen ) (IATA: PTY , ICAO: MPTO ) is the international airport of Panama City, the capital of Panama. The airport serves as the homebase for Copa Airlines and is a regional hub to and from The Caribbean, South, North and Central America and additionally features routes to some [European].

**Event Details **

Server: Expert

Date: July 20 2019/ Time 3:00PM

Departing Airport: MPTO

Note that this is Expert Server so please act professional also no cutting in line , and use UNICOM responsibly. This event starts at 3:00PM which is 1900z , and the date is July 20, 2019 please make sure you can come thank you . Also please spawn in 20 minutes before the event starts. More information about the event will come closer to the day it starts . Thank You
**Gates Please Pic You’re Gate **

New North Terminal Gates 1-10

Gate 1:Copa Airlines 737-800 to MPDA: @Armani_B
Gate 2:Copa Airlines 737-800 to TNCC: @Infinite_Qantas
Gate 3:Copa Airlines 737-800 to KDCA:
Gate 4:Copa Airlines 737-800 to KLAX: @Suhas
Gate 5:Copa Airlines 737-800 to KSFO: @GlobalFlyer1
Gate 6:Copa Airlines 737-800 to TNCM:
Gate 7: Copa Airlines 737-800 to KMIA:
Gate 7A:Copa Airlines 737-800 to KJFK: @Beljany
Gate 7B: Copa Airlines 737-800 to KMCO:
Gate 8: Copa Airlines 737-800 to KTPA:
Gate 8A:Copa Airlines 737-800 to KDCA:
Gate 8B: Copa Airlines 737-800 to SBGR:
Gate 9: Copa Airlines 737-800 to CYYZ:
Gate 10: Copa Airlines 737-800 to MMMX: @Delta07

Gates North A 11-19

Gate 11: Copa Airlines 737-800 to SJU: @Kevinsoto1502
Gate 12: Copa Airlines 737-800 to SBGR:
Gate 14: Copa Airlines 737-800 to SKBO: @Matthew_20204
Gate 15: Avianca A318 to SKBO: @Santiago_Salgado
Gate 16: Aero Mexico 737-700 to MMMX:
Gate 17: AA 737-800 to KMIA:
Gate 18: Spirit A321 to KFLL: @alfnat
Gate 19: Spirit A321 to KMCO:

Gates 20-25B

Gate 20: Copa Airlines 737-800 to MPDA:
Gate 21B: Air Europa 787-900 to LEMD: @brunocr98
Gate 21: Copa Airlines 737-800 to KLAS:
Gate 22: Copa Airlines 737-800 to KDCA:
Gate 23 B: Lufthansa A340 to EDDF: @TheFlyingGuy1
Gate 23: United 737-900 to KEWR: @Blake_Stephens
Gate 24: United 737-900 to KEWR: @A350iscool
Gate 25 B: Delta 737-900 to KATL:

Gates 25-32

Gate 25: Copa Airlines 737-800 to KLAX: @Adam_Goodman
Gate 26: United 737-900 to KSFO: @Fusion737Max
Gate 27: Copa Airlines 737-800 to KBOS:
Gate 28: Delta 737-900 to KATL:
Gate 29: Avianca A318 to SKBO:
Gate 30: Copa Airlines 737-800 to KIAD:
Gate 32: Copa Airlines 737-800 to KJFK:

Gates 37-39

Gate 37: Copa Airlines 737-800 to SBGR:
Gate 38: Copa Airlines 737-800 to MMMX:
Gate 39: Copa Airlines 737-800 to MROC: @Costaricanpilot

South Remote Stands 1-8

South Remote Stand 1:
South Remote Stand 2:
South Remote Stand 3:
South Remote Stand 4:
South Remote Stand 5:
South Remote Stand 6:
South Remote Stand 7W:
South Remote Stand 7:
South Remote Stand 8:

Remote Stand 501-504W

Remote Stand 501:
Remote Stand 502:
Remote Stand 503:
Remote Stand 504:
Remote Stand 505W:

Cargo Gates 71-81

Cargo Ramp 71:
Cargo Ramp 72:
Cargo Ramp 73:
Cargo Ramp 73B:
Cargo Ramp 74:
Cargo Ramp 75:
Cargo Ramp 76:
Cargo Ramp 77:
Cargo Ramp 78:
Cargo Ramp 79:
Cargo Ramp 80:
Cargo Ramp 81:

(I Have Partnered This Event With Copa Virtual)

Let’s fill Tocumen International Airport Thank You See You There.
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Remember if you will like to join please mention you’re gate.
Thank You and happy flying ✈️👍🏽

Actually can I change mine to COPA to SJU please :)

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I’ll take gate 18 please

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Ok I’ll sign you up

@brunocr98 would love this!


I switched it for you

I want the flight to TNCC, but it isn’t on the list…
Copa flies to TNCC ya know?

I can add it for you would you like that

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Ye thanks, but I need to check my agenda for 20th of July tho

Ok tell me first then I’ll switch it for you

I can join 😊, thanks for adding the route btw

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Ok I’ll do it for you

You’re in you will be gate 2

I’ll keep it in consideration :)


I hope you can join

Hi I will take gate 39,
Call sign: CPV0506


Ok I’ll sign you up

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You’re good to go


Copa Virtual…, sounds good tbh…