[Ended 13.7% Filled] Reunion at San Juan @ TJSJ - 280100ZAPR18

Server*: Expert

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TJSJ

Time: 0100Z*

Time Conversions:

  • 9:00pm EDT *Meet Up at San Juan or Depart San Juan Times
  • 7:00pm PDT
  • 3:00am Europe Time

NOTAM: IFATC will be present, so please respect every call they make and have a safe and fun event!

(When requesting event please request in format below:
(Gate) (Route) (Callsign)


image Background about PR

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory with a landscape of mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. In San Juan, the capital and largest city, the Isla Verde area is known for its hotel strip, beach bars and casinos. San Juan’s, Luiz Muñoz Marin Intl Airport is located in Carolina, Puerto Rico and is the largest Caribbean airport serving the Caribbean and the US Mainland.

image Information

As you all may have noticed tonight’s FNF is mainly in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Fun fact is Puerto Rico is my native home town and it is nice to see it finally get some attention. So to recognize Luiz Muñoz Marin Intl Airport, I have decided to do a fill up SJU for FNF. We will meet up at San Juan at 9pm EST. So please plan your arrivals/departures accordingly so we can have a successful fly in/out of San Juan.

*Below are the gates and flight routes that you may choose. Please comment which flight you will be doing and I will reserve you’r spot. Spacing is limited so please take you’r time and make sure to reserve your spot…

Terminal A

Gate A1: (A321) (JBU 1503) (KJFK-TJSJ)
Gate A2: (A320) (JBU1933) (TJSJ-KMCO)
Gate A3: (A320) (JBU 1398) (TJSJ-KEWR)
Gate A4: (E190) (JBU 2038) (TJSJ-MDSD)
Gate A5: (A320) (JBU 954) (TJSJ-KFLL)
Gate A6: (A320) (JBU 61) (KBOS-TJSJ)
Gate A7: (A321) (FFT 1041) (TJSJ-KPHL)
Gate A8: (A320) (JBU 566) (KFLL-TJSJ)

Terminal B

Gate B3: (B737) (SWA 356) (TJSJ-KMCO)
Gate B4: @Nate_Schneller (A320) (ASM 1314) (KMCO-TJSJ)
Gate B5: @Kevinsoto1502 (A321) (ASM 292) (KMCO-TJSJ)
Gate B6: (A321) (NKS 884) (TJSJ-KMCO)
Gate B7: (737) ( SWA 1798) (KFLL-TJSJ)
Gate B8: (739) (UAL 1996) (KORD-TJSJ)
Gate B9: (767) (UAL 1523) (TJSJ-KEWR)
Gate B10: (738) (SWA 6811) (KHOU-TJSJ)
Gate B11: (772) (UAL 1173) (TJSJ-KEWR)

Terminal C

Gate C2: (738) (AAL 1273) (KORD-TJSJ)
Gate C3: (738) (AAL 1591) (TJSJ-KDFW)
Gate C4: (767) (AAL 1094) (KMIA-TJSJ)
Gate C5: (757) (AAL 2756) (TJSJ-KPHL)
Gate C6: (738) (CMP 142) (MPTO-TJSJ)
Gate C7: (A319) (AVA 259) (TJSJ-SKBO)
Gate C8: (A320) (AAL 1847) (KCLT-TJSJ)
Gate C9: (A321) (AAL 1836) (TJSJ-KCLT)
Gate C10: (A320) (AVA 432) (SKBO-TJSJ)

Terminal D/GA
  • In real life the Terminal D is operated by charter/GA flights. So if you wish to do a GA/Charter flight simply put down you’r Gate number and callsign!

Gate D1:
Gate D2:
Gate D3:
Gate D4:
Gate D5:
Gate D6:
Gate D7:
Gate D8:
Gate D9:

FedEx Cargo

Cargo FedEx 1: @Jay757 (MD-11F) (FDX 9123) (TJSJ-KMEM)
Cago FedEx 2: @Aviationluver (C208) (FedEx Feeder N905) (TJSJ-TNCM)
Cargo FedEx 3: (C208) (FedEx Feeder N921FE) (TISX-TJSJ)

UPS Cargo

Cargo UPS 1: (MD11F) (UPS340) (TJSJ-KSDF)
Cargo UPS 2: (MD11F (UPS 988) (KSDF-TJSJ)


Wow! Very well laid out! Best of luck! 👍🏻


Thanks Nate we will hope for the best!

You have conflicting times in the title as well as the description. May want to check on that.

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Yes. Thanks for that I did not notice!

This is 9:00pm tonight?

Yes! Either be at SJU by 9 or depart by 9. :)

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I’ll see if I can make it. I have to run some errands and stuff tonight, but you never know.

Sure thing. There is always hope!!

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I’ll join in the fun, I’ll take the FedEx Feeder route from TJSJ-TNCM.

If it’s not too much of a problem I would like to depart a little earlier than the 0100Z ETD, because that would be crazy late at night for me. Preferably, I’d like to depart at 2200Z

No problem. As long as you make it and have fun! :)

I cannot attend because you just HAD to make it on expert server. Why are most events on this sim on expert server? Because you just want to be with people who have things like joysticks and fly on small phones while people that have to use large iPads and motion controls have no events to go to. Make some events on TS1 or Casual!

Im sorry for you’r concern. I make most events on expert because I am Grade 5 and try to fly as realistic as possible. Not all events are on expert, there are some great events on Training that are very well planned out. But as I stated in the NOTAM this event is a fun, realistic event and ATC will be active so this is one of the reasons behind it being on Expert. Just try and keep on aiming for that Grade 3 and you will join us someday. ;)

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It is near impossible for me to get onto expert due to me having such a large device (first model of iPad Pro) and having tilt controls on it. Also my case lost its stand so I need to calibrate multiple times, I also do not have much time to go on IF due to school and homework (why teachers why!) I am just wanting more TS1 and casual events. I want to fly with my fellow community members but they all want realism which I understand. But it is just annoying on every cool event I see is on expert.

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I feel you dont worry!

Dímelo Kevin !! sign me up for Fedex SJU-MEM🇵🇷

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I have a question:

Since today is FNF, and there is an event at the exact same place, how will you know who signed up for the event or not?

Also, when there is ATC, there will be planes. What happens if an airplane were to take a spot, but they were not in the event?

Duroo brother ya estas!!

Simply whoever wants to go and some one is at their gate. They let me know and choose another vacant

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Did I miss it @Kevinsoto1502?