Endeavor Air Virtual Airline

We are the new Virtual airline! Just click the link and all of your concerns will be answered. To join you must have Instagram as we will put you in a group chat. Well enough talking for me, Join now! Any questions? Comment Bellow! http://jiovanyboss01.wix.com/endeavorairva

well done great set up :)

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it says error when i click the link to the website

@Captain_Jiovany I got the same error as @DiamondFlight1011 too…

I also got an error.

It seems you have some website issues.

Your website got taken down?

Here is the new one. It was under construction for some scaling issues on some devices.


New one? Where? Lol

Above your comment

Still as beautiful as ever… Remember to update the info and data ^^

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These c208 and erj photos don’t look like yours. Hmmm.

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Great website and video! Maybe put the new link up the top so you don’t confuse people.

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They arent mines…

I’d like to offer you the chance to join the Skyliner Group. We look after VAs in the best ways! PM me to join.


@Levi_Cribbs didn’t you tell me this was yours?

I am the co founder. I meant that we own the airline, but i am part of it. When you go to school, dont you say your school? That is exactly what i meant.

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Oh yeah I see, I’d just expect the founder to announce 😅

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