End of Year Scenery Update


Two questions:

Is the scenery update out?? Because O haven’t received a database update yet.

Will the Singapore region return as a free region?


Not yet:) As Jason stated:


I can’t read apparently…

And what about this @Thomas_G


Looking forward to flying in South America!


Jason mentioned it above. (:


So Singapore…? 🤨
cries in the corner


@jasonrosewell Sweet mate looking forward to it i am


Does this mean that the devs are working on 3D scenery above 60N/60S? Is that coming soon?


A question with the coming of images in HD from South America the topographic of the map will be reviewed? For there is simply not one of the postcards of Rio de Janeiro the “Sugar Loaf” which is in front of the SBRJ airport !
I do not know which channel I should report this bug, but hopefully with the coming of the images has repaired.


Thanks so much for the good news here’s 🍻 to the greatest developing team in the whole entire world


We do not have plans to update the topography at the moment, this post is only about the imagery.

That being said this is an area we will improve in the future.



Out of curiosity, I am just wondering why you don’t have in app purchases for aircraft and regions anymore?

For me I struggle to afford premium, and you are only limited to certain areas around the world. I loved having premium and it was amazing to play but it’s hard to afford. Also, I love the 787 series you really modelled them well.

Hope you can answer my question.

Harrison Barnes


Just to give you an idea before there is an official answer but the new costs that IF have due to global, such as development costs ie paying for staff to continuously develop new features and things such as scenery, satellite imagery, servers etc means that this new subscription pricing model should allow them to continue operating sustainably for the long term as they have a fairly consistent cash flow allowing them to cover all the added costs.


Hi Harrison,

Our forum has lots of information on this topic but I’m happy to point you in the right direction! Check out this reply from a while back:



I look very forward to the polar regions, Greenland and especially South America. We have a lot of world to explore gang ! Since the release of global, personally I have yet to even discover many places in our beautiful planet! It’s a big world out there …


Quick question - @Jason, do you guys ever have any plans to make the scenery layout even sharper than the 15M resolution? Thanks.


I don’t know but I think the next step is 3D buildings


What if there was also another good imagery provider?
I believe that the current vendor may have a higher resolution package available?
lol I know I’m no developer, but this looks great!


Someone hasn’t looked at the “About” page in Infinite Flight lately ;)


But aren’t the pictures on the website more, better?