End of Year Scenery Update


Ask Elon musk he might


does this include iceland? I imagine it would be included with greenland but I am not sure


Does the Indonesia scenery update include Singapore by any chance? 😬😀


This is something that is very much awaited by people from Indonesia. Lots of my friends from Indonesia are very enthusiastic about scenery in Indonesian Region for next update. I think, the of scenery HD in the Indonesian region. Will make people very happy. And will definitely make many people fly in the Indonesian region


yeasss bro :)


Well it’s here soon, and I am glad that you guys finally have what you have been waiting for, for so long. 😄


I’m so happy the region will have the new scenery, will be so great!


I have been waiting for more than a year for scenery in Indonesia😄😃😁


Yeah I’ve been waiting for around that long for Singapore scenery as I am constantly flying in and out of Singapore


This is a surprise that won’t be forgotten. And we must continue to support FDS, to give the best for the next update @macharyone


I’m sure the new addition of scenery would encourage other players to fly around underrated countries, including Indonesia and fellow Southeast Asian country mates :)

With the new scenery, it would be even better to fly above Lake Toba (North Sumatera), Mount Bromo (East Java). Parangtritis Beach, Jayawijaya Mountains (Papua), Raja Ampat (West Papua), Kelimutu (East Nusa Tenggara), Mount Agung (Bali), and many more! It’s a jewel in the middle of equator <3


And don’t forget about Belitung Island and Natuna, it’s also very amazing scenery in my opinion @George


Indonesia got a scenery update!? Guess who’s going to do a hop aboard Batik A320, Garuda 737-800/CRJ1000/B777/MD-11, Lion Air B737-900 and Sriwijaya 737-900


we all appreciate your amazing work guys. thank you so much!!


Can’t wait!!! Flying props in the highlands of Papua will be amazing. We can finally use all those airfields I made ❤️


Yeah I completely agree with that!


@Nathan is right. The map is simplified to render nicely when zoomed out, and this was done to optimize performance. Excitingly though, one of our developers is working on a new map (no ETA) that will eventually be implemented which will use the same tile system as the imagery. This means that as you zoom in LOD (Level of Detail) improves. This will make for more accurate coast lines.


I can’t wait for some teasers from the new scenery!

I think the community has learned to be more patient and mature concerning updates/upgrades teasers, or at least that is my personal impression. For those of you who might think “Oh I don’t care, I don’t fly over there / not interested”, I can say that I was kind of the same with Africa, but I was in for a surprise! What a marvelous and beautiful scenery. In addition, being this the region where I have flown, I can tell we are all in for quite a ride once it releases. the mighty Andes, the powerful Amazon, beautiful Patagonia, Awesome mountain flying, just to say some awesome features in here.

But above all, Infinite Flight is closer to be a complete Global experience, making the simulator better and better every effort the Developers take. It has been a long wait (especially for those of us who are from there), but finally we are getting it folks!


I would like the polar scenery so that I can fly with the penguins. :)

Oh wait. I forgot penguins can’t fly. :(


I think that l will fly down in a C-208 with pontoons …not sure where l will get them at yet… maybe Ebay … land in the Amazon in front of a group of headhunters and when they come to throw their spears at me…shine a spotlight in their faces… that will teach em not to ever mess with the Sun God again !!!