End of Year Scenery Update


Guess it was great timing to open GAF Southern Command. Can’t wait for 2019!


@Transport_Hub Hmm… looks like something is
of terrain


Im crossing my fingers this means Iceland will have mountains lol. There are several awesome approaches I’ve been dying to do there. If not, oh well got the whole rest of the world basically!


yesss! let’s goooo


Basically every other scenery which has 500m/px will be replaced by this next year?


@George do you reckon in this update that Bali and the Islands around it will actually have waypoints around the airports?


Hopefully they will update their navigation data on the upcoming update. Personally can’t wait to fly in my home country with the new scenery <3


Navigation comes from an outside group called the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET). IFAET is working as hard as we can to update airports as well as update the Navigation within the app.

We could always use help!

Apply Here:


I know, me to, lived in indo for 2 years, always flying there on IF and hate the fact that there aren’t any waypoints around the Bali area, hoping that will be changed 🤞


Amazing, great to hear that!! :-)


This is awesome news. Can’t wait to see it.


I’d also like to know, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama?


Well… Let’s see here:
& Yes


Finally indonesia could get better imagery , i may see my house😆 Thank you


I am really hyped as well, but I think the goal is actually to deliver the update by the first quarter of 2019.
So not this year.


Oops, my bad! But still looking forward to it ;)


Is the 60th parallel below the 82nd parallel?
a.) Yes (If so then it’s not included)
B.) No (if so it is included)


It’s both. In the Northern hemisphere the 60th parallel is below the 82nd, in the Southern Hemispher the 60th parallel is above the 82nd. Lower number = closer to the equator.


Will all the Pacific-islands have high-quality scenery?


You know, to be completely honest with you, I’m more excited that you guys are communicating more with the audience than ever before. ‘The scenery is finally available and we have already purchased it. Expect delivery by early 2019.’ I mean, seriously, IF, is that you?

I’m very happy about this progression in communication behavior and can see nothing but good coming out of it.

Cue the obligatory ‘excited for the new scenery’ comment.