End of Year Scenery Update


Can’t wait!!!😍


Cool! Will be fun to fly to South American destinations!


Cant wait to go to Cancun!


Finally it is! This is the third Christmas present from you, thanks! Now I will fly to South America more often.


Hi Jason

What i have always wondered is why the outlines (borders) of the countries on the map are not accurate or drawn to scale? Many airfields and airports appear like theyre in the sea? Any plans to change that in future to help with navigation when selecting airports?

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Captain mike prince😆


Cancun has always had 15m satellite imagery


Indonesia’s , Borneo and Sumatra has some nice mountain sceneries . Excited for this one. Hope they can moved the satellite 🛰 up a little bit to the 🇵🇭Philippines 🤫😊. Still an incredible achievement from where we were last year. Hopefully by 2020 everything will have the 15NM/px sceneries. Awesome news !!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Love it cant wait!!


@Fariz_Rizky, Indonesia is here soon!!! Can’t wait, can you???


I can answer this as the same question was brought up in the past.

This was done in order to improve the performance of Infinite Flight. I’m sure it’ll be improved later on though. :)


Exciting! Can’t wait to do flights around South America and Indonesia!


Nice. I hope they will be great. I also hope that in 2019 that every plane has Live Instruments and 3d Buildi g for the scenery.


Awesome good to know


Sweet!! :)


Simply great to hear. Appreciate the detailed update.


Is that where the Amazon River meets the Pacific Ocean?


Actually, Amazon River end at Atlantic Ocean.


Is there any map showing the scenery coverage?


The map that show the coverage can be found here.


Not just yet, but we’ll share that updated map when it becomes available! 🙂

Until then, check out the map above which should give you a good idea.