End of Year Scenery Update


I’ve never flown in SA. Don’t think this will make much of a difference. If you do, have fun


this is news that makes me very happy, I did not do flights in my country due to lack of scenery, I see that I can make many flights soon, são paulo (brazil)


Finally! My home airport will be covered (SUMU, Uruguay if you were wondering which was)


Thank you to all staff members and community who always are improving this game!


These are all of the regions included.


Don’t forget about the Indonesian Imagery! Can’t wait to fly Lionair and many other airlines in some amazing scenery


Thanks IF!! Will the Philippines be in the new scenery update also?


There was no confirmation so probably not.


YESSSS S. America, Greenland and Indonesia ❤️❤️❤️




Awesome to hear that Indonesia, alongside other Southeast Asia and South America areas will have a scenery update by next year! 😊👌


You like better now?


Actually most likely yes because Phillipiian area is kinda part of the Indonesia area


I guess well see!


I want to know if the new scenary, we will have something else in the new update as (the lights) on the taxiway


No it will not, it’s just a scenery update like 18.2


@George, Are You Happy ;)

Yes or Yes? :P


My company satellite will be free from Tuesday for about three weeks? Could that work?


Yes or Yes? YES!

둘 중에 하나만 골라 yes or yes?


Crossing my fingers for the Faroe Islands in this scenery update. Thanks Jason and the rest of IF for the update.