End of Year Scenery Update



What do you expect


Thank you for all your money from us to allow you guys to purchase 15m Satilite! Good work!


Yeeeiii 🌎🛫


Amazing news, I’m so excited to make flights in South America, thank you!


Do the new areas cost subscription


Well that’s africa, we already have that. Please learn to geography.



That was the best news for US players from South America, for a moment we thought that the developers forgot the players from this part of the continent. Thank you very much for that news we waited a long time.


We have expected this news since approximately March, Do not get so excited … hopefully it will not be postponed any longer. Has to be seen to be believed.


More will be part of Brazil in HD?


Oh my !!!
This is definitely the cherry on top of the cake !
Can’t wait to fly around South America. I have been waiting for this for a while now. We really appreciate the Infinite Flight effort to keep us posted !


Again, nobody has been forgotten about. We are limited by what we can get from our scenery supplier. They have just now made these areas available to us. We haven’t been able to provide what hasn’t existed yet!


Thanks Infinite Flight, Now I will be able to fly on the other half of El Salvador.


I feel a Hater, I am sorry and I apologize, we will value that great effort … My satellites are busy … anyway, thanks for not forgetting South America.


Will it include Southeast Asia countries (Malaysia, Indonasia, Philippines, Brunei ans …)?


YES!!! Thanks for letting us know, Jason! Super excited! :)


Idk, I thought maybe we’ll be able to see some mountains or glaciers or something.
I’m pretty sure that Antarctica has non-snow-covered areas in some places (at least during certain times of the year) in addition to the snow-covered places.


Amazing work guys!!! SA in HD is amazing, thanks so much!!!


Amazing photo!


Yes! mcmurdo Station!


I think the same! :)